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  • Blog Post: Script for Installing SharePoint 2013 Language Packs

    I was asked by a friend to see if I could help streamline the install process for language packs for SharePoint since you have to install each one manually, so I whipped up this little guy - hope it helps someone else. What this does is recurse through a directory structure looking for setup.exe files...
  • Blog Post: Chasing down slow page renders in SharePoint

    So we know there’s many ways to skin a cat by now (I hope)…and this is yet another way. I’m sure we’ve all stress tested our SharePoint environments and know where all the hardware and software bottlenecks are as well as what is to be expected. Well, what happens when that one user decides to go all...
  • Blog Post: How to change user profile properties with PowerShell

    I had an interesting little challenge crop up the other day that required me to need to change a custom user profile property inside of SharePoint’s 2010 User Profile Service Application. I have thousands of profiles and certainly didn’t want to get comfy with the mouse and keyboard all day, so I decided...
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