Clever, huh?  Got that line from some movie or other, and I've been waiting almost 12 years to put it in print somewhere near my name.  It was going to be the subtitle of my blog, a kind of pithy self-effacement to show a lack of pretention about my blog.  Ack!  I'm already overdoing the clever.

My name is Chad and I work at Microsoft.  I am currently the Lead Program Manager on the Visual Studio Core team responsible for what could best be termed "Code Focused Development."  My team designs and drives the features that are most closely related to a developer's most important asset: code. These features are the core editor and Intellisense, code navigation tools like the Object Browser and ClassView, the Project and Solution system, and the new MSBuild build system.  Don't get me wrong, we aren't alone in working on these areas -- none of this stuff happens without the customer focus, design effort, and code that comes from the VB, VC#, VC++, and VJ# teams as well!

In the past, I've worked as a Program Manager on VB (4.0a and 5.0), VJ++ (6.0, the Injunction Edition), and as the development lead on Winforms (.NET Framework 1.0).  This blog will be mostly forward looking, because it's about my responsibilities now: Visual Studio Whidbey, and beyond!  I'm looking forward to sharing some stuff about VS, editors & build systems, and maybe the odd provocative thingy.  Mostly, I'm looking forward to hearing back from you so we can make better products to make your products better!