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May, 2004

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    MSBuild at Tech Ed 2004

    Some of you know I work with Alex Kipman on MSBuild . Alex and others are down at Tech Ed this week, presenting on MSBuild, something we're trying to do often. The team held a cabana session earlier this week, and has a full-on breakout on Friday afternoon...
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    You are here!

    I've been enjoying the perils of technology and process limitations, but finally I've been able to post the snapshot of our Visual Studio hallway where your pictures and bios are being displayed. You are here Now I can get on to...
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    The VSCore Team Loves You!

    A few days ago, I invited you to let me know who you are. On behalf of the folks on the VS team , I want to thank all of you who responded to me, sent me a note, a picture, a bio, a resume, or even just an electronic version of your business card! I'm...
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    Dear Customer

    Dear Customer, My name is Chad and I work at Microsoft . I help make Visual Studio . Who are you? I want to get to know you better. I talked with you in email, newsgroups, instant messaging. If I'm lucky, I met you at a conference; Over beer &...
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    Are you an lvalue or an rvalue?

    There are many different ways to describe the “lead or follow“ model. Compiler geeks (whom I used to publicly, and now secretly, aspire to join) might think of this in terms of lvalue and rvalue (setting the value, or reading the value). My...
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    What not to do!

    Here's a new life lesson for me, one I discovered on or about my 40th birthday: Don't start a blog on the day before a multi-day vacation. I think the lesson can be generalized to: Don't start something in one context right before switching to a different...
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