Here's a new life lesson for me, one I discovered on or about my 40th birthday:  Don't start a blog on the day before a multi-day vacation.  I think the lesson can be generalized to:  Don't start something in one context right before switching to a different one.

JoeN was giving me grief, and rightly so, about having not updated my blog since it was created.  He's right.  Joe and I once laughed for, well, minutes about the idea that blogging had jumped the shark.  It was because Eric Rudder had created a blog, posted two entries, then dropped it on its head.  A year later, he picked it back up again and has posted two more times.  Who's the slacker now?

Aaron also called me to task in comments to my initial post, suggesting that in addition to the hardcore technical information (now, where's that MS-DOS Encyclopedia?), I should provide fashion tips.  Gosh, what to do, what to do...

Wear white when YOU want to, no matter what the calendar says.