Dear Customer,

My name is Chad and I work at Microsoft.  I help make Visual Studio.  Who are you?

I want to get to know you better.  I talked with you in email, newsgroups, instant messaging.  If I'm lucky, I met you at a conference;  Over beer & chicken wings (well, more likely, warm soda and cold pasta) I put a face & personality with the name.  But when the conference was over, we both went home and the faces might have been forgotten.

I want to know your face and what you do with my product.  You see, I know you make a living with Visual Studio.  I think you might even have fun with VS.  I want to remind myself and everyone I work with that you're out there, depending on us to build you a great development tool as we work on Visual Studio Whidbey.

You are important to me!  You spend your money and time on VS, and you expect VS to help you make more money and time.  You will be using Whidbey to make your living, paying for braces and college and retirement, buying coffee and beer and cigarettes, contributing to political and social causes, paying income taxes and mortgage interest, ordering pizza and books and flowers.

So tell me who you are and what you do with VS.  Send me a picture.  I'll print your picture, write your name on it, and write down a word or two about what you do with my product.  I'll put your picture up in our hallway and help everyone on my team remember you're out there, depending on us to build a great VS!

I've put up a picture and a little info about me.  I would love the same from you, so send it to me!  If you have published yourself on the web, like in a blog or on the web site for your business, you can send me a link to that info.  But do send it!  And tell your friends.  I'm new to blogging and don't have the readership to reach all my customers.

I'm looking forward to knowing you better!