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  • Blog Post: Export (.ical) Individual Events from SharePoint Calendar

    SharePoint Calendar is a great tool to manage events related to your site and also provides many other capabilities like creating multiple calendars and overlaying calendars. The Problem What about exporting individual events as .ical so you can add them to Outlook? It is available out of the box, but...
  • Blog Post: Modal Dialog Box in SharePoint Sandbox

    Earlier I blogged about how to make use of the new dialog framework in SharePoint 2010. It covered working with Application Pages in the _layouts directory. What about sandboxed solutions? Can you create custom sandboxed dialogs? Yes, you can! It involves a little bit of work though. First of all, you...
  • Blog Post: Deploying a Document Template file in Content Type in a (Office365) Sandboxed Solution

    In SharePoint 2007, we have the choice of using _layouts folder for deploying document templates that are used in content types. That option still exists in SharePoint 2010 for farm based solutions, but the SharePoint Root (14 hive) is not accessible in Sandboxed solutions and hence it is not possible...
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