Title: Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Advanced Project Management and Reporting in Visual Studio 2005 Team System (including methodology)

Abstract: Seamlessly integrate you project managers, testers, architects and developers using the advanced features that Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System provides. By integrating team members you can increase the communication and collaboration of teams involved and access enterprise-grade change management tools for managing assets and work items. Further to this, as you teams work, check in code, resolve work items and bugs, Visual Studio 2005 Team System gathers extensive metrics on your project and developers. This information stored within SQL 2005 can be fully accessed using 50+ inbuilt SQL Reporting Services reports which can be displayed via Web parts in your project portal. This session covers the tools provided for advanced integration between the various members of your developing teams, and using both the built-in reporting and highly customizable reporting available for your exact needs.

Australian Speaker: Prashant (early NZ)

New Zealand Speaker: Prashant (early NZ)

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