Title: Implementation of Common Integration Patterns with BizTalk Server

Abstract: People think in patterns. Pattern-based software design is relatively new. It is a promising development which hopes to standardize complex systems design around a set of tried and trusted software configurations that solve common implementation details. To reach the status of 'tried and trusted' a pattern must be adopted by the community of developers who specialize in a given discipline. Patterns applied to BizTalk Server 2004 integration projects hold the potential to hasten the time it takes from design to implementation. In this session, we explore a small set of common integration patterns for BizTalk Server 2004 by defining a sample scenario and showing how the use of patterns solves the task. These patterns are offered to the community of BizTalk developers to jumpstart the patterns effort and discussion. They include: FIFO, Synchronous Request Response with Data Aggregation, Asynchronous Request Response with Data Aggregation, Retry and Interruptible Process.


Australian Speaker: Scott Woodgate


New Zealand Speaker: Scott Woodgate