My last couple of presentations i have mentioned how media center enabled content/applications are huge new opportunity. 

A couple of interesting data points on that topic:

  • 60% of all PC's shipped in the US are shipping with Media Center
  • By 2008 there will be more Media Center computers than xbox consoles. 
  • The most interesting data point is there are already as many media center computers has initial cable TV subscribers - and look at how well the first Cable TV stations have done....

One local Australian Niall Ginsbourg realized this a while back and started work on BigScreenBusiness and unfortunately due to SATA issues with my M400 wasn't able to sync a build with Niall-until today! 

Oh my god this application is awesome! The 3d ball buttons being rendered of on the inside of a sphere - very cool!

If you are running build 5472 or later i highly recommend it! - Even if you are not running vista you can see some pics at: