Joe Schwetz, who runs the internal TFS servers for Microsoft, is looking to do some customer meetings in Australia. 

Right now he is looking to do his trip early November-isque.

Rather than doing a world wind tour like i had Jeff Beehler do;  i was thinking of having Joe do fewer events but more indepth say spend ~3 days at ~3-4 customers sites. (and get to the local Usergroup!)

The reason for this change is twofold –We have already done the tour thing with  Jeff<g> and Jeff’s feedback was he wished he could have spent more time with the development teams.

The reason for this post is:

  1. Get feedback to the idea
  2. Collate nominations for who would like one of Joe's visits

If we proceed with this format I will probably be looking for three types of customer profiles:

  1. Just beginning with TFS and trying to get your head around the product
  2. Using TFS day to day (probably prefer bigger/distributed implementations)
  3. Pushing TFS limits – and finding the rough edges