Welcome to the 27th Community Convergence. I use this column to keep you informed of events in the C# community, and of articles or posts in the C# world that are worth of mention.

C# Team LINQ to SQL Chat on May 21

There will be a C# LINQ to SQL Chat on May 21 between 11 and noon Pacific time. LINQ to SQL provides fully type-checked native C# support for querying databases.  Time zones details for the chat are here, a link for your calendar is here, and you can enter the chat room here.


The LINQ arena is heating up with a number of new LINQ providers available. If you have explored LINQ at all, then you probably know about LINQ to SQL, LINQ to Objects and LINQ to XML. But LINQ is extensible, and developers have created a number of other LINQ providers. Here is a sample of what's available:

If you know of other LINQ to X development projects that I should mention, please write me or reply to this post.

What's New in the C# Community


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