C# Principal Architect Matt Warren and Lead PM Luca Bolognese detail the pipeline that hastens your LINQ queries to execution. Matt did most of the design and implementation of this code. His explanations are vivid and useful. The drawings are well organized, well executed, and clearly explained. Matt and Luca have worked together for years, and they make an excellent team.

You can see the 40 minute video by clicking on the Soapbox graphic shown in Figure 1. There are also two downloadable versions of this video. The smaller one is roughly equivalent in quality to the embedded Soapbox video found in this blog, the other is of much higher quality, but also much larger. Both versions of the video are in WMV format and are stored in zip files.


Figure 1: Video: LINQ Pipeline


Topics covered in the video:

  • A step by step in depth explanation of the LINQ Pipeline that transforms a LINQ query into SQL and returns a result to the user.
  • A detailed explanation of updates and calls to SubmitChanges() including discussions of:
    • Transactions 
    • Injecting stored procedures into the update pipeline.
  • A discussion of the history of LINQ and its roots. Matt and Luca talk about the many years of hard work necessary to bring LINQ to fruition, and the roles that such luminaries as Erik Meijer and Anders Hejlsberg had in that process. Both Luca and Matt have been with LINQ since its inception. They know the whole story, and no one could possibly be better poised to explain it than these two who had so much to do with its creation and implementation.
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