Welcome to the thirty-third edition of Community Convergence. This week we have a new video called Programming in the Age of Concurrency featuring Anders Hejlsberg and parallel computing wunderkind Joe Duffy. In another context, Joe reminds us that there is a Parallel computing CTP planned for later in 2007. He recommends watching his blog if you want updates on this anticipated release. On a somewhat lighter note, there is also an amazing post from Luke Hoban, who has written a LINQ query that implements the Ray Tracing algorithm. See also the links to the ALT.NET controversy included in the "From the C# Community" section of this post.

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From the C# Team

In this section I usually include only work created by members of the C# team. In this case, however, I have mixed in a few articles on concurrency not created by the C# team. I include them here because Anders, who is on our team, created a video on the Parallel Extensions for .NET (PFX), and I want to keep all the PFX content in one place.

From the C# Community

These articles are written by other Microsoft employees, or by members of the C# community. Here I wade into deeper water by giving you some links to the interesting, and controversial, discussions surrounding the ALT.NET community.


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