Welcome to the thirty-seventh edition of Community Convergence. Visual Studio 2008 has been released into the wild, and the next version of Visual Studio is just starting to show the first stirrings of life. This is a time when a number of team members are on vacation, in transition to another team, or setting up machines in their new offices after joining the C# group. The PM's, development leads and various management types sit long hours in meetings while the plan the next version of the product. Even with all these diverse forms of activity, a number of team members have found time to post.  Veteran team member and C# expert Kevin Pilch-Bisson has even found time to revive his blog, sharing a number of great new posts with us.

From the C# Team

Kevin Pilch-Bisson

DJ Park

Kirill Osenkov

Luca Bolognese

Sam Ng

Visual C# QA Blog

Eric Lippert

Sreekar Choudhary

Charlie Calvert

Other Microsoft Sources

Scott Guthrie

Mitsu Furuta

Wes Dyer

Other Links

Dan Wahlin

Wriju Ghosh

Thomas Petricek


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