Code Gallery, a new site for sharing samples from Microsoft and the Community is now live: Soma has posted about this site, and the C# Developer Center is tracking a list of popular releases on its front page in the section called Visual C# Code Gallery Samples.

If you have sample C# projects that you want to share, then you should upload them to Code Gallery. This site is intended for use by both Microsoft and the developer community. If you have projects that you want to share, please upload them to Code Gallery.

Microsoft has several sites where code and other downloads are shared. These definitions might help clear up any confusion that might exist:

  • Code Gallery: Use this tool to share sample projects that demonstrate key features of the C# language, or that you find interesting or exciting. Anything that you or your team created that you want to share with the community will be a valuable contribution to this site. You can also use Code Gallery to share other resources that might be of value to the community.
  • CodePlex: If you have ongoing projects that you want to develop with the community in a collaboration, then you should use the already existing CodePlex site. It allows you to collaboratively work with a set of developers who can check code in and out of a source repository. Code Gallery, on the other hand, is meant for completed samples that will not be developed collaboratively. You can update the projects and resources on Code Gallery, but only CodePlex gives you the ability to work collaboratively with other developers through a source repository.
  • MSDN Downloads: Some Microsoft projects will remain on MSDN. For instance, the trial versions of Visual Studio 2008, or a VS service pack, would still be available on the MSDN downloads side. The MSDN downloads site is generally not a place for the community to share code or other resources. It is usually reserved only for Microsoft employees or teams.

If you have projects that were shared on the GotDotNet site, you should move them over to Code Gallery as quickly as possible. GotDotNet is being phased out, and will be replaced with either CodePlex or Code Gallery, depending on your needs.

Microsoft employees who have questions about sharing code on the Code Gallery site should feel free to contact me or the members of the Code Gallery team.

Happy code sharing!