Last fall in Barcelona, Spain two PM's from the C# team gave talks on key parts of the new LINQ technology found in Visual Studio 2008:

Luke Hoban was the PM who drove the development of LINQ to Objects, and the man who created the now famous implementation of a ray tracer in a single, very long, LINQ query expression. He is now focusing his efforts on F#. By listening to his talk on C# 3.0 features you will get a chance to see a detailed and specific analysis of how LINQ works. Listening to him give this talk marked a turning point in my understanding of LINQ. For the first time I understood how the team folded extension methods and query expressions together to create the marvelously supple and deceptively simple syntax that we know as LINQ.


Figure 1: Luke Hoban's vision of the inner workings of LINQ to Objects gives developers significant insight into the beauty of C# 3.0.

Luca Bolognese is the Principal Program Manager Lead on the C# team. His talk on LINQ to SQL endows developers with the knowledge necessary to wield the tools that drive data driven application development under C# 3.0. A consummate speaker, Luca skillfully guides his audience through the elements that comprise LINQ to SQL development.

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