A number of interesting sample applications have been released for C#, VB and C++ developers over the last few months. These include

  • C# Sample code for building Peer 2 Peer applications on Vista
  • A C# toolkit for developing Facebook applications
  • C# interfaces for web services from Digg, YouTube, Amazon, Flickr and other popular sites
  • C# WPF tools
  • C++ Sample Games

Here are links to some of the most important of these toolkits:

Below you can see a WPF application for Peer to Peer Network programming.


FIgure 2:  An easy to build Peer to Peer application that allows you to chat, send file or share pictures over a network.

The Coding for Fun Developer Kit

This developer kit has code for controlling many powerful technologies that are built into Vista:

  • Bluetooth
  • Vista Contacts
  • Vista Calendar
  • Telephony
  • Desktop Search
  • Power Management

There are also a series of Web Services that you can use to interact with popular Internet destinations

  • Yahoo Traffic
  • Flickr
  • MySpace
  • Amazon.com
  • Craig's List
  • Delicious
  • Digg
  • YouTube

Below you can see one of the sample applications that comes with the Coding 4 Fun Developer Kit. I entered in the string "LINQ", and the application retrieved related links to books about LINQ found on Amazon.com.


Figure 1: Clicking on the links in this demo application causes a browser to be launched that shows books on Amazon.com related to LINQ.

Vista Peer 2 Peer ToolKit

  • Build Peer to Peer Applications using drag and drop WinForms and WPF controls.
  • Build applications that stream video and music


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