I will be presenting on C# and LINQ three times in Southern California next week at a series of user group meetings. The events will be held in the San Diego and the Los Angeles area. Lisa Feigenbaum will be flying down from Redmond with me, and she will do VB presentations at the same set of meetings.

The schedule is as follows:

I will be talking on C# 3.0 Best Practices and LINQ:

C# 3.0 introduces a number of new language features such as query expressions, lambda expressions, extension methods, automatically implemented properties, local type inference and more. These are all features that can improve the quality of your code. They also provide new opportunities for making mistakes This talk focuses on both the good and the bad: how to use and how not to use the new features of C#. Each feature will be introduced with a small example, and you should be able to follow the talk even if you are not already familiar with the new language constructs. The talk will also explore the theoretical underpinnings of LINQ.

Lisa will be speaking on Visual Basic 2008 IDE Tips and Tricks:

In this talk, we’ll show how to turn yourself into a Visual Studio 2008 guru with the new language and IDE features. Tips and tricks will include how to maximize your VB IntelliSense experience, leverage Refactoring features, and improve the performance of your query and XML code. We’ll explore integrated XML, and show how to navigate XML gotchas and express what you wish in fewer lines of code. With respect to LINQ we’ll go deep into best practices, pitfalls to avoid, and answers to most frequently asked questions

Tuesday Night:

Wednesday Night

  • Microsoft
  • Three Park Plaza, Suite 1800
  • Irvine, CA 92614

Thursday Night

  • American Honda Motors
  • Bldg 100, # 100-1E-13
  • 1919 Torrance Blvd
  • Torrance, CA 90501


Source and deck from the talk.


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