Developers with a bit of time on their hands have built some beautiful color schemes for the Visual Studio Editor. You can save download these settings files to your ...\Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Settings directory. You can then access them by choosing:

  • Tools | Import and Export Settings
  • Import Selected environment settings
  • No, just import new settings
    • (Consider saving the old settings the first time you do this.)
  • Select the new settings from the "My Settings" folder as shown in Figure 1
  • Choose next and import All Settings.
    • As shown in Figure 2, these files only have data from the Fonts and Colors sections of your VSettings file, so nothing else will be overwritten



Figure 1: Selecting the new fonts and colors for the Visual Studio Editor



Figure 2: You will only import new Fonts and Colors, the rest of your settings will be untouched

If you have color schemes you want to share with others, you need merely reverse the process, as follows:

  • Tools | Import and Export Settings
  • Export Selected Environment Settings
  • Unselect all settings, then drill down to choose the Fonts and Colors Settings (All Settings | Options | Environment | Fonts and Colors)
    • See Figure 3
  • Press Next and choose a name for your file
  • Click Finish


The Color Schemes

Various people, such as

Scott Hanselman, and Adam, have called out these schemes in the past. Here are a few of my favorites:

Here are the default settings to get you back where you started:

Some of these settings files rely on custom fonts. Here is an explanation of how to install fonts on Vista, and here are a few of the more popular fonts for developers:

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