A couple of us are working on finding a way to surface key links to information in the MSDN library. Perhaps later we will also link to information found throughout the community websites. If we can find the right approach, we might canonize these categorize and links on the Learn page of the C# Dev Center.

Below you will see a work in progress outlining one possible way to start to surface this information, along with a proposed set of initial links to information about that the various proposed categorize. Hopefully you will find this information interesting in and of itself. However, I would before I work too hard on it, I would like to get feedback from you on the structure of this data and the tentative links included here. If you have any comments on what you see here, please take a moment to reply to this post with your thoughts.

I think the categories laid out here are fairly self explanatory. I would only point out that the work shown below merges two different approaches to categorizing the information on MSDN:

  • The first five big bullets categorize data by scenario. For instance, the work with scenarios such as: I want to “Work with data,” “Get Started,”  “Learn about C#,” “Learn the Tools”, “Learn about Web Development.”
  • The final category drops the scenario approach and simply lists the technologies that Microsoft spends so much time publicizing.

It is my thought that some developers will think in scenarios, and some in technologies, and some will think in one way or the other depending on the circumstances. The categorization shown below is to designed to accommodate developers from both schools of thought. But I don’t mean to prejudice you by talking about what I’ve tried to do here. Just tell me what you think, if you have any impulse at all to provide feedback. At this stage, I’m not wedded to any of this, I’m just interested in hearing what you think. Thanks for whatever thoughts you might have on this subject.




The Links


Working with Data

Microsoft White Papers.url
MSDN SQL Server Dev Center.url
SQL Server Books Online.url
TechNet SQL Server Dev Center.url
What's New (SQL Server 2008).url


.NET Framework Data Providers (ADO.NET).url
ADO.NET Code Examples.url
ADO.NET DataSets.url
ADO.NET Overview.url
LINQ and ADO.NET.url

Entity Framework

ADO.NET Entity Framework.url
Quickstart (Entity Framework).url
Working with Entity Data.url

Getting Started with Data

Creating Data Applications by Using Visual Studio.url
How to Create a Data Connection to the Northwind Database.url
Northwind Sample Database.url
Recommendations for Data Access Strategies.url
Table Basics.url
Walkthrough Creating a Simple Data Application.url


Frequently Asked Questions (LINQ to SQL).url
LINQ to SQL.url
SqlMetal.exe (Code Generation Tool).url


Installing SQL Server CE.url
SQL Reference for SQL Server CE.url
SQL Server CE Overview.url

SQL Server

SQL Server Books Online.url

Transact SQL

Transact-SQL Reference.url


Working with XML Data.url
XML Tools in Visual Studio.url

Getting Started

New to C#

Creating Your First C# Application.URL
Getting Started with Visual C#.URL
How Do I in C#.URL
Introduction to the C# Programming Language.URL

New To Development

Development for Beginners Tools, Lessons, Resources on MSDN.url
Kid's Corner Learning Computers and Development on MSDN.url
Windows Development for Beginners.url

The C# Language

How Do I in C#

Language Basics and Specification

C# Keywords.url
C# Language Features (C#).url
C# Operators.url
C# Preprocessor Directives (C#).url
The C# Language Specification.url

Samples and Walkthroughs

C# Tutorials (C#).url
Visual C# Sample Applications.url
Visual C# Walkthroughs.url
Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Beta 2 Walkthroughs.url

Microsoft Technologies


ClickOnce Deployment for Windows Forms Applications.url
ClickOnce Deployment Overview.url
ClickOnce Deployment Walkthroughs.url


Anders Hejlsberg on Language Integrated Query.URL
Enumerable Members (System.Linq).URL
IQueryProvider Members (System.Linq).URL
Language-Integrated Query (LINQ).URL
LINQ Home Page.URL
Queryable Members (System.Linq).URL
Standard Query Operators Overview.URL
System.Linq Namespace ().URL
System.Linq.Expressions Namespace ().URL


Excel Developer Center.url
How-to Center.url
Interactive Developer Map.url
Microsoft Office Development.url
Office Business Applications.url
Understanding Office Development.url
Welcome to the Microsoft Office Word 2007 Developer Reference [Word 2007 Developer Reference].url


Learn Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, developer, SDK, tutorials, videos, articles, books.url
Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies.url
SharePoint Developer Center 2010, 3.0, 2.0, downloads, tools, SDK.url
SharePoint Products and Technologies (2010).url
Welcome to the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 SDK.url

Windows Communication Foundation

Basic WCF Programming.url
Getting Started Tutorial.url
Guide to the Documentation.url
Windows Communication Foundation.url

Windows Forms

ClickOnce Deployment for Windows Forms Applications.url
Enhancing Windows Forms Applications.url
Getting Started with Windows Forms.url
What's New in Windows Forms for the .NET Framework 3.5.url
Windows Forms Reference.url

Windows Presentation Foundation

Application Development.url
Getting Started (WPF).url
Graphics and Multimedia.url
Windows Presentation Foundation.url
WPF Fundamentals.url

Windows Workflow

Services Overview.url
System.Workflow.Runtime.Hosting Namespace ().url
Windows Workflow Foundation Overview.url
Windows Workflow Foundation Tutorials.url
Windows Workflow Foundation.url


Visual C# 2008 Express Edition.URL
Visual Studio Software Development Kit (SDK).url
Visual Studio.url

Command Line Compiler

C# Compiler Options Listed by Category (C#).url
Command-Line Building.url
How to Set Environment Variables.url


Building, Debugging, and Testing.url
Debugging in Visual Studio.url
Debugging LINQ.url
Debugging Managed Code.url

Visual Studio Editor

Editing Code and Resource Files.url
How to Add Application Configuration Files to C# Projects.url
Metadata as Source.url
Refactoring (C#).url
XML Editor.url

Visual Studio Project and Tool Windows

How to Arrange and Dock Windows.url
How to Navigate Within the Integrated Development Environment.url
Managing Solutions, Projects, and Files.url
Quick Tour of the Integrated Development Environment.url

Web Development

Web Development.url


ASP.NET Overview.url
ASP.NET Walkthroughs by Scenario.url
The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site.url
Visual Web Developer.url


HTML and DHTML Overviews and Tutorials.url
HTML and DHTML Reference.url
Quick Reference Guides.url

Internet Information Services

Deploying Web Sites on IIS 7.0 The Official Microsoft IIS Site.url
Developing on IIS 7.0 The Official Microsoft IIS Site.url
Using Visual Studio 2008 with IIS 7.0 Development Tools Developing on IIS 7.0 The Official Microsoft IIS Site.url


Getting Started with Silverlight.url
Silverlight 3.url
Silverlight 4.0.url
Silverlight Overview.url
The Official Microsoft Silverlight Site.url

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