One of the problems I have with my digital camera is I take way too many pictures (typical outing fills up two 512MB CF cards).  It takes me a while to sort through the ones I really like, tweak them in PhotoShop and order prints.  In the meantime, I keep stacking up more pics on the hard drive and family / friends don't get to see 'em until I get around to editing, resizing and posting to the web.

The most recent issue of American Photo magazine arrived with a tutorial on a feature in PhotoShop / PhotoShop Elements called Web Photo Gallery (American Photo November / December 2004 Issue Page 32, article titled Site Specific by Hadley Stern).  This feature allows you to quickly generate reduced size pics with associated thumbnails and HTML putting the two in a simple and clean interface ready for posting to a web server.  Pretty darned nifty.  There are several other features (like the ability for folks to make comments on the pics via a web interface).

Quick How To: In PhotoShop CS use File --> Automate -->Web Photo Gallery, make a few selections, click the OK button and get something that looks like this.  If you want more in depth instructions get the magazine -- one of the better single page tutorials I've read in a while.

This would be really cool if it would output HTML formatted for and browsable with Media Center.  Adobe, are you listening?