First in the series of responses to Media Center Development: What topic(s) shall I blog about next?

--> Henry: How about telling us a way how to skin the MCE?

Officially there is no way to skin Media Center.  [We do hear this request multiple times, so I know it's on a spreadsheet somewhere as a feature to consider for some future version of Media Center, and we go through a really exhaustive process to make sure the product we deliver is what a majority of people want.  So keep hope alive: perhaps someday this answer will be different.  To register your vote for this feature send an email requesting it to]

And before I note the next part: Posts at are provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confer no rights.

I don't suggest mucking around with binaries but theoretically it appears it is possible to skin Media Center at some level, and this person purports to have done so.  Use at your own risk, YMMV, carpe diem, quid pro quo, e pluribus unum and all that jazz.  This information comes to you courtesy of the MSN Search Beta.

But why go through the hassle? If you like skins, build 'em for Windows Media Player (more info in the Windows Media Player 10 SDK).  Note: Creating skins for Windows Media Player pretty much guarantees you won't make Media Center blow chunks. :-)