Third in a series of responses to Media Center Development: What topic(s) shall I blog about next?

--> Dave Neigler: I'd like to see some samples using addins and html apps to communicate with web services (WSE2) hosted via http.sys (instantiated in a windows service). Since Media Center already runs on SP2, this seems like a viable model. Remoting samples could also be included as another mode of cross-domain communications. Also, what are the 1.0 framework dependencies for MCE2005 addins, and can this architecture offset them by moving the logic into the web service?

Download and install the Media Center Software Development Kit and you will find a sample Media Center Add-In which queries a web service and displays the return value in a MediaCenter.Dialog.  This is the most basic Add In example for leveraging web services and by no means representative of everything you can accomplish; You have access to (nearly) everything in .NET Framework 1.0.  You can learn more about the version of the.NET Framework we support here.  For the most part, HTML applications in Media Center leverage web service resources much like they do in Internet Explorer; We share the same basic web browsing engine.