By way of Sean Alexanders' blogroll pointer to Thomas Hawks' reference to Chris Anderson (*really* loving this whole blog thing -- it's replacing my newspaper more and more -- paradigm shift anyone?):

Check out the Long Tail TV: Wishlist where Chris states "what I'd like is a dedicated browser plug-in that would make this much easier for recommendations found online. When I see mention of a TV show that I want to record, I'd like to highlight it and right-click (Mac users insert your own favorite shortcut here).  A new option on the pop-up menu that appears would be "Record to DVR". If I select that, the app would do a quick search on the phrase, returning with enough information to let me choose the particulars of what I want."

Chris also mentions several online programming services (including the MSN Remote Record service currently in beta) as nice, but not quite the 'shell extension' he is looking for (most of these are tied to site specific TV listings and not for any arbitrary page encountered on the web).

Here's the good part: MSN Remote Record is based *totally* on the Windows XP Media Center Edition SDK feature Click-To-Record.  So, for those of you out there thinking MSN has an exclusive lock on remote recording functionality for Media Center -- they don't.

What Chris wants (and I suspect others do as well :-) is totally doable -- we've got all you need already sitting there in Media Center for you to actually schedule the recording -- just waiting for an enterprising individual company or individual to put the plumbing in place.