Robert Scoble has a rule (The Corporate Weblog Manifesto #12) which states 'Never change the URL of your weblog.'

Unfortunately, I started blogging before reading The Manifesto.  Yes, I know: RTFM.

However, I see this as a definite success story about the power of blogging and the tools used to blog.  I now want to write and share because the tools make it really easy to do so and the result is presented in a really nice, user-selectable format.

It basically boils down to this: I've outgrown the blogging service provided by aka and it's becoming a pain to upload files to while blogging elsewhere -- I've got enough passwords already.  Frankly, FrontPage hasn't exactly rocked my boat for maintaining retrosight-- it was somewhat ground breaking back when it first came out, but certainly hasn't made it easier for me to communicate.  When I saw and heard how the folks at were using a blogging tool for a corporate website I knew this was the solution for my problem.

And so the fun began and continues...

I'm in the process of getting DASBlog up and running on my hosting service.  I got it set up *really* fast on a Windows Server 2003 box in my office last week on our intranet, so I'm already a fan.  Getting a hosting service to change permissions as necessary is a bit slower, even though they have already done it at least once for another blogger at Microsoft. C'est la vie.

So, when all is said and done I'll shift my blogging over to sometime next week if all goes smoothly.  Right now that link gives a glorious .NET server application error -- my apologies are offered -- eggs get broken to make delicious cakes.

So, to help ease the pain for both you and I:  My first post at will be worth your while, especially if you are A) developing for Media Center and / or B) have struggled with getting Media Center up and running using bits from an MSDN subscription and / or system builder kit.

Stay tuned...