Today I had my first opportunity/need to use the webpicmd.exe tool (part of the Web Platform Installer) to attempt to download the installation bits for workflow manager, workflow client, and service bus. This needed to be done for an offline installation on servers with no access to the internet.

But when I attempted to cache the Workflow Manager locally the way that the Technet article ["Install and configure workflow for SharePoint Server 2013" @ ] said to do it (and several other blogs agreed) I ran into an unexpected problem. When I ran webpicmd.exe /offline /Products:WorkflowManager, the tool searched several feeds and said it couldn't find what I was looking for.

Error: "Loading products in offline feeds… Can't find product with id WorkflowManager."



Apparently WorkflowManager was replaced with WorkflowManagerRefresh in January 2014. That was evident when I ran Webpicmd /List /ListOption:All to see all available packages and their abbreviations. The ones that were relevant to me were:  



The following commands ran successfully to cache the installer bits locally:

  • Webpicmd /offline /Products:WorkflowClient                       /Path:D:\WebPIOfflineFiles
  • Webpicmd /offline /Products:WorkflowCU2              /Path:D:\WebPIOfflineFiles
  • Webpicmd /offline /Products:WorkflowManagerRefresh /Path:D:\WebPIOfflineFiles
  • Webpicmd /offline /Products:ServiceBus                   /Path:D:\WebPIOfflineFiles
  • Webpicmd /offline /Products:ServiceBus_1_1                       /Path:D:\WebPIOfflineFiles
  • Webpicmd /offline /Products:ServiceBusCU1                       /Path:D:\WebPIOfflineFiles



For a different point of reference, here is what WebPUI 4.6 showed when I searched for "workflow" or "service bus":






Additional Key Words:


Workflow Manager CU2 to get to 1.0 Refresh

Workflow Manager Client 1.0 Refresh

Service Bus 1.0

Service Bus 1.0 Cumulative Update 1