Welcome to the SourceSafe Team's blog!
The mission for this blog is to serve as a link between the community of SourceSafe users and the product development team who works on this great product every day. We truly hope having this space can help improve your experience using our product, and at the same you can help us with your feedback to improve the future versions of SourceSafe.
Expect to see posts about once per month on a variety of topics, from tips & tricks, to best practices, to discussions of upcoming features in Visual SourceSafe 2005.
On this very first post from the team we would like to recognize the amazing work of Mark Michaelis and Korby Parnell have done to get SourceSafe information out in the community. They are our first links in our Community Resources, where we are compiling links to interesting web resources available for SourceSafe.
If you have your own site/blog/faq about SourceSafe and would like us to link to it, please let us know.
This is a team blog and you will be seeing posts from the developers, testers, program managers, and designers who work on Visual SourceSafe.
We hope that you find it interesting to read and to get to know us.
Ohh, btw, my name is Alfredo Mendez. I am a Program Manager in the SourceSafe team. I started on the SourceSafe team in 2002, at the early stages of planning of SourceSafe 2005; and I am amazed at all that this team has accomplished over this period, I will get into that in another post :). I have been at Microsoft since 1998, first at Microsoft Consulting Services in Venezuela and in 2000 transferred to Redmond to work in Visual Studio.