Today we were looking into ways to improve user responsiveness in the Visual Studio IDE by spawning off asynchronous threads to retrieve status for items in the Solution Explorer that are under Source Control. In addition, we are looking at speeding up things by having the Pending Checkins Window update asynchronously as well. Users could still use the Refresh command to force a synchronous update and display accurate, current SCC status.

What do you folks think? Do you have any annoyances or pet peeves concerning SCC glyph, menu or tooltip display in the Solution Explorer or the Pending Checkins Window?

On a personal note: My name is Brad Peterson. I have been at MS since 1996, with the SourceSafe team the entire time. I am excited to finally get a chance to add some great new features to SourceSafe.


PS: In case you missed it, Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 released today. You will get SourceSafe 2005 Beta 1 as part of the main install of Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1. So please go ahead an try it out !