User JS asks:

How can I globally change the file property to retain history when a given file is checked into the source safe database ?

Running VSS 6.0d. Currently all files are set to not retain old version on checkin (for some wierd reason).

You can't do this globally from VSS Explorer since File | Properties is only available when a single item is selected. Fortunately you can do this from the command line. The -L parameter of the ss properties command turns on store only latest version, while -L- turns it off. So if you want turn off the option for all the files in a project (e.g., $/foo) run the following:

ss properties -L- $/foo/*.*

The properties command allows the -R (recursive) option, so to change the property for the whole database run:

ss properties -L- -R $/

How might this option have been set in the first place? It's available in the advanced options of the Add File dialog in VSS Explorer, so it may have been set when files were originally added. Normally the "Store only latest version" option is unchecked when the Add File dialog comes up, but you can change this default with the Store_Deltas initialization variable in srcsafe.ini (for all users) or ss.ini (for a particular user). Store_Deltas may be set to Yes or No. Setting it to Yes (the default) causes the Add Files dialog to come up with the "Store only latest version" option unchecked. We recommend using this variable rarely. Usually you want to store deltas, and if the variable is omitted, this is the default. If the Add Files dialog is coming up with "Store only latest version" checked, inspect srcsafe.ini and ss.ini to see if Store_Deltas is set to No.

- Rich Knox [MSFT]
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