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A few days ago someone sent this comment through the blog:

Have not seen you guys post here in awhile. Just wondering how things are going and if there were any new tidbits or updates you could post. As a source control product I really like sourcesafe. I am almost ready to migrate to it, I need understand a little more about it and maybe get a seperate install from the Visual Studio CD, but beyond that, it looks good (the 2005 version).

Must admit that we haven't been the best bloggers out there :(  We have been quite busy making sure that we iron out all issues and make SourceSafe 2005 the best release ever ! We are almost there. In just a few months :)

Our friend asks for tidbits or updates:

  • What first comes to mind is all the work we have put on making sure the SourceSafe Web Service configuration issues are tackled. Great feedback from the community allowed us to identify several bad bugs in the Beta 2 release. We have also beefed up the documentation on this area and I plan to publish a detailed Whitepaper to make sure everyone can give a try to this new fantastic feature upon release. If you have run into issues, please see the answers we have posted at our forum
  • We are still looking for your feedback on the product!, please keep using the beta or CTPs and report the issues you run into. At this point in the development cycle you may see a higher number of issues resolved as “Postponed”, every single fix we take has the risk of introducing other issues, so we take a very risk-oriented approach when considering fixes. Rest assured that every postponed feedback item is considered during planning of future versions
  • In case you missed it, S. Somasegar our corporate VP posted a note regarding key differences between SourceSafe 2005 and Team Foundation Server 

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