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Catherine Heller, Technical Evangelist

June, 2006

  • Connecting the Dots

    Searching for Windows Vista Search?

    A number of people have been asking about Windows Vista search and how to programmatically query the search engine. There's not a lot of documentation available yet (and this will obviously change as we near the release of Windows Vista). So in the meantime...
  • Connecting the Dots

    Windows Vista Search Syntax: WHERE are my predicates?

    In my last post , I gave a quick overview of the query syntax for the OLE DB Provider for Windows Search that ships in Windows Vista. In this post, I'll go over some of the details of the predicates that can be used in the WHERE clause. Just a quick disclaimer...
  • Connecting the Dots

    Tips & Tricks for Going Native on Windows Vista

    I’m presenting a session at TechEd Boston next Friday, titled Windows Vista: Tips & Tricks for Targeting Key Native APIs from Managed Code . The goal of the session is to share lessons learned on how to use a handful of specific Windows Vista native...
  • Connecting the Dots

    Taking the first step

    OK - here goes... my first post. I've been meaning to start blogging for a long time and after over-thinking it to death for years (how do I start? what should I say? should I introduce myself, or just start writing? and on and on and on...) I decided...
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