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February, 2009

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I am the Director for the Chemical Industry business in the US at Microsoft.  I am responsible for Microsoft's industry strategy, solutions, partnerships and marketing.  I was in consulting in the first part of my career architecting, managing and delivering large-scale enterprise projects.  I then moved over to sales and marketing to focus in on helping our chemical industry customers be more successful.  Thank you for reading the blog.  I hope it helps you better understand what Microsoft and our partners bring to the table, and maybe a few great ideas along the way.  Feedback is always welcome, and you can reach me through the contact form.


Brian Willson

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    Last Week at the Global Energy Forum

    What a great day at the Global Energy Forum last week, and what a fantastic turnout.  I was down there in support of my customer Nalco, and their talk on using software to improve customer operations ( press release here ). It’s always good to see...
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    This Week at the GLobal Energy Forum…

    I’ll be in Houston this week for the Global Energy Forum .  Nalco Company is speaking with OSIsoft about a solution they are building in their Energy Services division to help refiners better optimize water treatment.  They are using a software...
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    More on OSIsoft DOBA Accelerators

    As promised, I am following up with more information about OSIsoft ’s Dynamic Office Business Application (DOBA) Accelerators offered on OSIsoft’s vCampus site.  I traded emails with David Doll, from OSIsoft, to share his answers directly on the...
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    Connecting with Someone Who Reached Out To Me Last Week

    Sorry to use this for a blog post, but if you sent me an email last week through the contact form and haven’t received a response, please drop me another note.  The email address you provided keeps bouncing back as non-deliverable. I’m being vague...
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