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    URL Rewrite- Part 3(Outbound Rules & Rewrite Maps)

    Why Outbound rules in URL rewrite? If we want to make any changes in the response headers or content after the processing has been completed by the specific handler or execution engine before sending it to the client, we can use outbound rules. How to...
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    URL Rewrite- Part 2(Inbound Rules)

    Why URL Rewrite? Define powerful rules to transform complex URLs into simple and consistent Web addresses http://Chiranth.com/get/ppt.aspx?author=Chiranth&topic=urlrewrite vs http:// Chiranth.com/get/ppt/author/Chiranth/urlrewrite      ...
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    URL Rewrite- Part 1(Prerequisites)

    I am planning to post of a series of blogs on how we can use URLRewrite with and without ARR in IIS 7 and above. But before going into URLRewrite we need to understand some basics and there are some prerequisites. So in this blog we will discuss about...
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