Greetings everyone!  My name is Chris Koenig, and I'm a new Developer Evangelist in the South Central District.  I am looking forward to using this forum to share information with you about upcoming developer community events in South Central, and hopefully gathering feedback from you about how we can work together to grow the .NET community.

Here are a few links to some popular user groups in the district:

Caleb Jenkins manages a great community site called TOATalks which features a large (and growing) list of user groups and and community events in the South Central District.  He's got many more user groups listed there and includes an up-to-date listing of upcoming community events.  I'm sure I will be relying on and referring to his site often.

As I get more time, I hope to add additional capabilities to this blog including a calendar of community events and a blogroll of my teammates and influential community bloggers - watch for that by the end of April.