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  • Blog Post: Thrive for Developers

    Although the economic news is looking a little brighter, we know it’s still tough out there…. to help Microsoft has put together Thrive - a website that’s all about helping developers survive the recession and manage their careers in this tough economy. Thrive pulls together a ton of great resources...
  • Blog Post: Happy 12th Birthday David!

    It's hard to believe it's already been 12 years - WOW :-)
  • Blog Post: Computer Randomly Plays Classical Music

    Although I never actually encountered the problem described in this KB article, a friend of mine sent this to me to remind me how important it is to have a good sense of humor when developing software... Computer Randomly Plays Classical Music Technorati Tags: Fun , KB , Microsoft
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Central Region - Who (and where) are you?

    As an Evangelist, I'm constantly meeting new people.  There are a couple of questions I get asked by folks I've never met - especially those within the developer community in South Central District.  Here they are, in order of frequency: Do you know Brian Moore? Can you give me some free software...
  • Blog Post: Degrees of Influence

    There is a lot of talk going on within my team about "influence".  We have people that blog, Twitter, podcast and do online video.  We have people that do none of these things.  How do we measure someone's "influence" in their community?  Should we try to measure...
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