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A developer focus on Systems Integration, Windows/UNIX and .Net/Java interoperability and High Performance Computing.

February, 2009

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A Brief Bio ...

  • Started UNIX/C systems programming with Data General  in 1982 and in 1990 moved to Fujitsu as a UNIX specialist.
  • In 1992 helped establish and manage an SGI and Convex scientific computing environment at the CSIRO’s Biomolecular Research Institute (BRI).
  • In 1994 worked as a UNIX infrastructure, security and performance consultant with the Fulcrum Consulting Group. 
  • In 1996 joined Sun Microsystems Professional Services as a Solaris and Java Architect and did anything to stay busy for the next 8 years: architect, developer, troubleshooter, performance analyst, project manager, trainer…
  • In 2003 began investigating Windows Server System and .Net and joined Microsoft Consulting Services in 2004.
  • Now an Account Technology Strategist with a focus on SDLC tools, UNIX Interoperability and High Performance Computing  for Microsoft Australia.
  • Masters Degree in IT specializing in Object Oriented Software Engineering


  • Chris Green's Public Notepad

    The BizTalk Buzz

    Over the coming weeks I will be co-instructor on a facilitated BizTalk 2006 R2 self study course. I'll make an effort to blog interesting learnings along the way. Stay tuned BizTalkers...
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