It's another great day for OneNote lovers. OneNote Mobile is available for the iPhone. It's been a top customer request for awhile, so it's great to finally have this out. You can read more about it on Takeshi Numoto's blog, and Mike Oldenburg's blog goes into more detail. And if you happen to be reading this on your iPhone, the link to OneNote Mobile in the app store is here

The icing on the cake is that it is free for a limited time, so go get it now!

I am sure people will have lots of questiosn about this release, and want to know if there will be OneNote for iPad, Mac, Andorid, whatever. I won't be able to answer those questions, so please don't bother asking :) . If you have specific questions about OneNote Mobile for IPhone, you can ask Mike Oldenburg on his blog. I use a Windows Phone these days (which already has OneNote Mobile) so I am not the best guy to ask. As always though I am happy to chat with anyone who wants to leave a comment.