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  • Blog Post: OneNote in schools

    I came across a couple of very interesting videos from two different schools using OneNote in the classroom and with faculty. I thought you might enjoy. You really see the power of pen/ink, freeform writing surface, capturing images and media, and shared notes.
  • Blog Post: Onetastic - it's fantastic!

    I recently came across a nifty free add-in for OneNote 2010 called Onetastic that provides some capabilities OneNote users have wanted for a while: image rotate and crop, quick text styles, the ability to pin links to any part of your notes to the desktop, and importantly, gives you a "Favorites" list...
  • Blog Post: Ribbon Hero 2: the game you can play at work

    Ribbon Hero 2 has been out for about three weeks now. It is outpacing all our past projects in downloads by a wide margin. So far, I'd categorize the user feedback on "RH2" in the following way: Haven't tried it: that is the dumbest thing I can imagine Have tried it: this is...
  • Blog Post: Search Commands for Office 2010: It's here!

    I know there are a lot of fans of our Search Commands 2007 prototype from Office Labs out there, and many of you have written to ask us to update it to work on Office 2010. Well, thanks to some volunteer work and a little burning of the midnight oil from a few Labsters, we now have the requested update...
  • Blog Post: OneNote Web App, cloud sync of notes, and Ribbon Hero for OneNote

    Three great things are newly available. The first is that the web version of OneNote is now available to the public. Here's the official blog post . This is something I've been waiting a long time for, and it nicely solves a few problems: When you want to use OneNote's multi-user collaboration...
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