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  • Blog Post: Important TFS Updates

    You should be aware of a number of updates to TFS 2010, one is available now, the other two coming soon.... Here they are: 1. TFS has been re-released ( available now on MSDN ) to include an important fix, solving a specific problem when upgrading from 2008 to 2010. To learn more about this issue...
  • Blog Post: Want to migrate source code from Subversion, StarTeam or CVS to TFS?

    TimelyMigration offers a migration tool to move your Subversion , StarTeam and CVS repositories to Microsoft Team Foundation Server - check it out here . Our folks in Redmond have only good things to say about them - so try them out!
  • Blog Post: TFS Powertool - October 2008 Release downloadable!

    If you monitor Brian Harry's blog you already know we have released a new TFS Powertool . I am not going to repeat Brian's elaborate post, but pick a couple of things I really like: 1) IM capabilities in TFS - no more excuses for not communicating with your peers - instantly and in many different...
  • Blog Post: Team Foundation Server Admin Tool released!

    If you are responsible for managing a Team Foundation Server check out the Team Foundation Server Administration Tool . It'll make your life with TFS even easier :-)
  • Blog Post: Upgrade from TFS Trial Edition to Full Version?

    I get asked this question a lot - usually when TFS stopped working because the trial license expired..... If you are in this situation don't panic and don't call me - the answer is right here .
  • Blog Post: New MSSCCI Provider for TFS 2008 released!

    If you are using one of the technologies listed below and want to use TFS 2008, you may want to check out our new MSSCCI provider we just released. You can download it here . Visual Studio .NET 2003 Visual C++ 6 SP6 Visual Visual Basic 6 SP6 Visual FoxPro 9 SP1 Microsoft Access 2003 SP2...
  • Blog Post: TFS 2008 Powertools released!

    The VSTS2008TFSPT (short for V isual S tudio T eam S ystem 2008 T eam F oundation S erver P ower T ools) have been released.... It's a mouthful but there are some interesting features, check it out here .
  • Blog Post: Upgrading to TFS 2008? Need a migration tool?

    If you plan upgrading from TFS 2005 to TFS 2008 you may want to have a look at this migration tool . Make sure you understand the limitations of the tool.
  • Blog Post: Team Foundation Server - Operations Guidance Released!

    Planning the installation and operation of a Team Foundation Server can be daunting at times, there are so many things to consider. Microsoft just released the Team Foundation Operations Guidance to address this issue. Check it out here:
  • Blog Post: What's new in Team Foundation Server 2008?

    For a definitive list of feature in Team Foundation Server 2008 (i.e. Orcas) check out Brian Harry's blog:
  • Blog Post: Hosted Team Foundation Server?

    Do you want to use Team Foundation Server but don't want to bother with the maintenance? Do you want to evaluate Team Foundation Server? Check out Readify's hosted Team Foundation Server offering:
  • Blog Post: Project Server 2007 integration for TFS available now!

    If you are developing an integration of Project Server 2007 to Team Foundation Server (TFS) - stop wasting any more time and money. We have done the work for you! Here is where you can get it:
  • Blog Post: TFS Best Practices

    Are you looking for Team Foundation Server (TFS) Best Practices? Have a look at this whitepaper here: No it's not mine, but it's superb!
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