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  • Blog Post: VSTS2010 Extensibility Points

    I am busy getting people excited about VSTS2010 (it's not very hard :-)) and often I get questions about customising workflows, work items, Team Build, etc. Terry Clancy has written a good blog post listing all the extensibility points in Visual Studio Team System 2010. Check it out here .
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio Team System 2010 - coming soon to a computer near you ..

    I get more and more questions about VSTS2010 - Microsoft's next generation tool platform - as the days go by. I am not surprised given the exciting stuff we'll release on **/**/20** (sorry date is TOP SECRET). In the meantime here is a collection of links you can use to start reading more about specific...
  • Blog Post: VSTS Essential training offered in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

    Enhance ALM, a Microsoft Partner in Australia, offers training courses this month to get you started with Visual Studio Team System. If you live in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane see the schedule below. The courses are short and well priced. This is a very good opportunity to use your remaining training...
  • Blog Post: Agile Development with TFS - Training in Brisbane

    Readify, one of Microsoft's best partner is running a 2-day workshop in Brisbane, covering agile development with VSTS - an event not to be missed! For details of how to sign up, click the link below: Readify's Professional Series Training ... What’s coming up in Brisbane... Readify...
  • Blog Post: Reminder - there is a 30% promotion available until 30th June 2009 ..

    In case you haven't heard (or haven't read my blog!) there is a 30% promotion available to step up from Visual Studio Professional to one of the Team Editions or from a Team Edition to Team Suite. This offer is valid until June 30th 2009 , so you still have time to think about it :-) For more information...
  • Blog Post: VSTS 2008 on Windows 7 - very nice!

    I couldn't resist... Windows 7 and Visual Studio Team System 2008 - all on HyperV .... very nice!
  • Blog Post: VSTS promotions available NOW!

    Christmas is just around the corner and yes I realise times are a bit tougher than usual, but here is an opportunity not to be missed. We have a number of special promotions you can take advantage of: 30% Discount If you buy (or own) a Team Edition you can step up to the Team Suite and receive...
  • Blog Post: The Road to Visual Studio 2010!

    After Steve Ballmer last week, we have another illustrious person visiting us from Corp (no wonder, today's weather forecast for Seattle is 8-12 degrees and rainy....) - Matt Nunn . Matt is a Group Product Manager for Visual Studio Team System and presents (and demos!) what is coming in Visual Studio...
  • Blog Post: VSTS workshop training (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth)

    Readify, one of our partners here in Australia is offering a one day workshop focusing on Team Foundation Server, Agile Development and technologies such as Silverlight, WCF, LINQ and others. The training is not free but it will be delivered by excellent MVP's - so I have no doubt its a worthwhile investment...
  • Blog Post: <<UML::Modelling>>

    Usually I don't blog about product futures, but I make an exception... Microsoft released a few videos on Channel 9, showcasing new features among other things. I watched a couple of them demonstrating UML modelling capabilities you will see in VS2010. It is great to see Microsoft finally joining...
  • Blog Post: Buy one Visual Studio Edition - get another one for free!

    Well I said we announce something today - and we did ! All well and good, but much more importantly anyone with a valid MSDN subscription and Team Editon for Developers or Team Edition for Database Professional will receive ALL these products for FREE : Visual Studio Team System 2008 Development Edition...
  • Blog Post: Upgrade from TFS Trial Edition to Full Version?

    I get asked this question a lot - usually when TFS stopped working because the trial license expired..... If you are in this situation don't panic and don't call me - the answer is right here .
  • Blog Post: New MSSCCI Provider for TFS 2008 released!

    If you are using one of the technologies listed below and want to use TFS 2008, you may want to check out our new MSSCCI provider we just released. You can download it here . Visual Studio .NET 2003 Visual C++ 6 SP6 Visual Visual Basic 6 SP6 Visual FoxPro 9 SP1 Microsoft Access 2003 SP2...
  • Blog Post: TFS 2008 Powertools released!

    The VSTS2008TFSPT (short for V isual S tudio T eam S ystem 2008 T eam F oundation S erver P ower T ools) have been released.... It's a mouthful but there are some interesting features, check it out here .
  • Blog Post: Upgrading to TFS 2008? Need a migration tool?

    If you plan upgrading from TFS 2005 to TFS 2008 you may want to have a look at this migration tool . Make sure you understand the limitations of the tool.
  • Blog Post: Do VSTS 2005 bits work with VSTS 2008 bits?

    Every now and then I get asked whether or not VSTS 2005 bits work with VSTS 2008 bits and vice versa. Grant Holliday put a great matrix together to answer all these questions. Check it out.
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio Team System 2008 Released!

    ... and available now for those with an MSDN subscription! Check here to find out what's new in VSTS 2008.
  • Blog Post: Requirements Management with VSTS?

    So you think we can't do this in VSTS? Steve Lange has written an elaborate 4-part series about how you can(with and without partner add-ons). Check it out here .
  • Blog Post: Team Foundation Server - Operations Guidance Released!

    Planning the installation and operation of a Team Foundation Server can be daunting at times, there are so many things to consider. Microsoft just released the Team Foundation Operations Guidance to address this issue. Check it out here:
  • Blog Post: New Team Foundation Server 2005 Powertool version released!

    The new version of the TFS 2005 Powertool includes a "Best Practices Analyzer" that can tell you what's wrong with your TFS installation. Another new feature are Work Item templates that allow you to prepopulate work items with data. This can save you tons of time if work item data tends to be repetitive...
  • Blog Post: What's new in Team Foundation Server 2008?

    For a definitive list of feature in Team Foundation Server 2008 (i.e. Orcas) check out Brian Harry's blog:
  • Blog Post: Hosted Team Foundation Server?

    Do you want to use Team Foundation Server but don't want to bother with the maintenance? Do you want to evaluate Team Foundation Server? Check out Readify's hosted Team Foundation Server offering:
  • Blog Post: What version of TFS am I Running?

    Do you need to know what TFS version you are running? Our resident genius Andrew Coates whipped up a utility to do just that. You can download it here .
  • Blog Post: Project Server 2007 integration for TFS available now!

    If you are developing an integration of Project Server 2007 to Team Foundation Server (TFS) - stop wasting any more time and money. We have done the work for you! Here is where you can get it:
  • Blog Post: TFS Best Practices

    Are you looking for Team Foundation Server (TFS) Best Practices? Have a look at this whitepaper here: No it's not mine, but it's superb!
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