Configuring load balanced PWA site

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Configuring load balanced PWA site

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  1. Install and configure a WSS Farm on ServerA
  2. Add a second server (ServerB) to the WSS Farm created above
  3. Configure the load balancing using Windows LB for instance (or using a hardware device)
  4. Note the Virtual IP address configured in step 3
  5. Creat a new Web Application and under Load Balanced URL enter the adress from Step 4.
  6. Create Site Collection/SSP/PWA ... 
  7. That's it....

If you change your mind about the load balanced URL, you can modify it afterward in the WSS Central Admin site: OperationsàAlternate Access Mapping link

For more information on Network Load Balancing and Sharepoint please check this excellent post from Joe Oleson: NLB (Network Load Balancing) and SharePoint... Troubleshooting and Configuration tips

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