November, 2007

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Updates on Microsoft's Enterprise Social Networking (ESN) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) offerings

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    Sharepoint Logging Spy on CodePlex

    New useful tool released on CodePlex:, it's a SharePoint utility that allows real time diagnostics of your SharePoint farm which I'm sure include and Project Server deployment!

    Please note it's still a beta version.

    MWSnap049 2007-11-30, 12_28_54

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    Preview into WSS 3.0 SP1 and SharePoint Server Service Pack 1

    It's all here:

    More later on Project Server/Portfolio Server/Project Professional and Standard 2007...

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    EPM 2007 Test Data Population Tool released to CodePlex

    The EPM 2007 Test Data Population Tool solution starter was published on CodePlex today:

    The EPM 2007 Test Data Population Tool enables you to load large amounts of EPM data: resources, projects, tasks, assignments into a Project Server 2007 database. You can then use this data to test loads and help your organization plan for your Project Server 2007 deployment. This tool is similar to the EPM 2003 Data Population utility but contains more features plus since the sources are provided you can customize it to fit your specific needs.  It was written by EPM World Wide Center of Excellence (WW COE) to generate data needed to perform performance and scalability labs for large and complex EPM deployments.

    The EPM 2007 Test Data Population Tool is a Win Form application that leverages the Project Server Interface (PSI) and/or WinProj (Project Professional).

    This solution starter includes a 15 pages document, a setup.exe to deploy it, as well as all source code.

    A special thank you to Mike Shughrue and Michael Jordan from the EPM WW COE for creating and testing the tool extensively during scalability labs, as well as Boris Scholl from the Product Marketing Group for reviewing the code and documentation.

    MWSnap048 2007-11-26, 19_26_50

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    EPM Connect Version 2.0 is Live!

    We are pleased to announce the launch of the new version of  EPMConnect:

    EPMConnect puts the resources of hundreds of Microsoft Enterprise Project Management partners at your fingertips, enabling you to quickly locate the right solutions and services and connect with the ideal EPM partner for your needs.

    MWSnap030 2007-11-21, 15_35_20

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    Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework are here!

    On Monday, Nov. 19, Microsoft announced that Visual Studio 2008 and the .NET Framework 3.5 were released to manufacturing (RTM). With more than 250 new features,Visual Studio 2008 includes significant enhancements in every edition, including Visual Studio Express and Visual Studio Team System. Developers of all levels – from hobbyists to enterprise development teams – now have a consistent, secure and reliable solution for developing applications for the latest platforms: the Web, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, the 2007 Office system, and beyond.

    Please note that this does not impact current EPM 2007 deployment.

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    Do you ever run out of disk space and wonder where to start the cleanup?

    WinDirStat is a great tool (under a General Public License) that helps you view and cleanup files.

    For instance, below in blue you can admire the size of my 22GB EPM 2007 VPC :)


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    Timesheeting and Statusing Data Flow Diagram

    Please find attached a Visio 2007 diagram that shows the standard data flow for time tracking and reporting progress in EPM 2007. Might be useful if you are doing customization using the Tied-Mode solution starter released last week on CodePlex.

    Timesheeting & Statusing data flow

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    Timesheet & My Tasks Solution Starter On CodePlex

    Due to popular request we have published today an EPM 2007 solution starter that introduces Tied Mode between Timesheet & My Tasks on CodePlex:

    Project Server 2007 provides for full separation between the project-focused My Tasks “Statusing” functionality and the time-period-focused Timesheet functionality, together with the ability to manually import data from one set of functionality to the other to keep them synchronized.

    This solution attempts to address this frustration by treating the timesheet system as the master system and attempting to synchronize the data into the My Tasks functionality (including task approvals) whenever a timesheet is saved (similar to Project Server 2003 integrated (“Tied”) timesheet and statusing functionality).

    This solution starter includes a 18 pages document as well as source code and a compiled DLL ready to deploy and test.

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    Upgrading an EPM database server

    Are you considering upgrading your EPM database server to improve performance (more CPU, more RAM, and 64-bit version)?

    If so, below the steps required thanks to Michael Epprecht:

    1. Create a friendly DNS alias for each SQL Server with a short Time To Live (TTL) (something like 10 minutes)
    2. Re-configure WSS/MOSS to use the new DNS alias as the SQL Server names.
    3. Build up the new servers with new server names (but instance names must be the same as the old servers)
    4. Take WSS/MOSS farm down.
    5. Copy the databases and jobs across to the new server
    6. Change the DNS alias to point to the new servers and wait for it to propagate.
    7. Bring up WSS/MOSS farm
    8. Test, if all is OK, leave DNS as is, else take WSS/MOSS down again and re-point DNS it at the old servers.
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    Tool to help you deploy/remove custom event handlers

    Mike Shughrue from MCS' EPM Worldwide Center of Excellence (COE) has written an extremely useful tool that helps you manage (remove and add) your custom event handler to a specific PWA instance.

    This tool uses reflection on your custom dll and the standard PSI Events web service to automatically add/remove custom event definition.

    No need to figure out and memorize the Assembly Name and Class Name anymore thanks to Mike!!!


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