New SQL Reporting Services Sample Reports for Project Server

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New SQL Reporting Services Sample Reports for Project Server

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(August 20, 2009 update, check out this Second Report Pack for Project Server 2007) 

We have released last week an updated version of our EPM 2007 demo VPC. Please find below the SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports used in that VPC.

All these SSRS reports are using the Project Server 2007 Reporting database as a data source.

Please note the Earned Value Trend reports will require a custom stored procedure (included in the attachment).

This pack includes the following reports:

Earned Value Trend 196 2008-04-10, 09_56_40 Project List 204 2008-04-10, 10_02_00
Issues   200 2008-04-10, 09_58_42 Risks 199 2008-04-10, 09_58_23
Portfolio Status 197 2008-04-10, 09_57_34 Organization Status 201 2008-04-10, 10_00_01
Project Detail 203 2008-04-10, 10_01_12 Timesheet Compliance 205 2008-04-10, 10_02_52

To deploy the Project List and Project Detail reports check the following post: Fields required to run Project List and Project Detail Reports; for the Timesheet Compliance report check this post:How to deploy the Timesheet Compliance Report

Attachment: EPM2007 VPC V2- SSRS
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  • Hello, Christophe just released the reports that ship with the updated EPM 2007 VPC:

  • hi~

    where is "MSPLT_Organization_UserView" table??

    Thank you...

  • In Project Server 2007, custom views are created in the Reporting Database for all custom Lookup Tables. So in this case, we have a LT called Organization in the database.

  • Following this post ( New SQL Reporting Services Sample Reports for Project Server ), please find below

  • Hi,

    the reports look great - what steps would I need to follow to make the available in my customized environment? Guess there are lookup tables etc to create? I wonder if you have a step-by-step install procedure.

    Thanks in advance

  • I recently posted a series of SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports that are used in our newly

  • Hi Chris,

    I can't undestand how and where you've created a LT 'Organization'.

    I'm getting the following error:

    Query execution failed for data set 'dsPortfolio_Status';

    Invalid column name 'Organization'

    Invalid column name 'ParentLookupMemberUID'

    Please  can you tell me what do I need to create so that the reports work?

    Where have you created a Lookup table Organization? PWA, or SQL (where?) ?

    When you create this, do you need to feel in in the projects? Is that right?

    I also need  to know how do you create a report with a speedometer. IS it an image?

    thanks in advance

  • Are you a Microsoft partner? Would you like to see these reports live ?: New SQL Reporting Services Sample

  • If you want to run the reports, get the sample databases used to build them here:

    you'll then be able to figure out the custom fields and lookup tables required.

  • A few weeks ago, I did my 200th post since starting this blog, so following Brian Smith’s initiative

  • Following the release of this sample SQL Server Reporting Services 2005 report pack: New SQL Reporting

  • Dear Christophe or any other member,

    thanks a lot for providing the report pack. Very good work. Like others, I am facing the same problems with the database model/settings. We would like to use the reports with our own reporting database.

    What do we have to do to get the reports working?

    Whick lookup tables do we have to create (Which records have to be inserted)?

    What else has to be changed to the database? Additional tables/columns?

    Hope you can help us. It would help a lot!

    Thanks in advance. Best regards,


  • The easiest is to start reviewing the report pack that's in the SDK.

  • Hi Christophe,

    these reports are already working. As your reports fulfill more of our requirements, we would like to use these reports as well. At a first step, do I have to create a lookup table called "Organization" in PWA? If yes, which fields and records do I need?

    Do you have SQL update/create scripts for the modification of the "original" reporting database?

    Best regards,


  • Guido please send me an email via this blog ("Email" tab) to take this discussion offline, and let me know what report are you interested in implementing

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