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    Microsoft Project 2010 Video Content – February 2010

    Since the release of Public Beta last November a lot of Microsoft Project 2010 content and in particular videos have been made available free of charge!

    To assist with the discoverability of these Project 2010 video assets I have a compiled the attached spreadsheet (below and bottom of post), it mainly contains links to each of the Project Conference 2009 recorded breakout session and the recently started Project 2010 webcasts series. The attached list contains about 95 videos equivalent to about 117 hours of recording so hopefully plenty of content to learn about the Project 2010 key investments.  Expect a lot more videos by the time the product is launched.    

    Microsoft Project Conference 2009 Breakout Sessions

    KN 2 Day 1 Keynote
    KN 2 Day 2 Keynote
    KN 3 Day 3 Keynote

    Business Applications and Solutions

    Code Title Speaker
    BA200 Integrating Mind Mapping Techniques with Microsoft Project and Microsoft Project Server Reiner Wodey, Shahzeeb Akhtar
    BA203 Introducing Microsoft's Innovation Process Management (IPM) Solution Simon Floyd
    BA204 "Project Scheduling Revisited” - Performance Tuning Your Scheduling Practices Glenn Searle
    BA205 On Demand is In Demand - Managing Enterprise Resource, Project and Portfolio Data is Easier and more Affordable than ever Anisha Mason, Scott Clausen
    BA206 Microsoft Project and SharePoint Better Together– EPM Live helps “Lite Up” the MOSS Features in Project Server Jim Patterson
    BA207 The Profit Advantage of Project Cost Management 5D-BIM & MS Project Brad Barth
    BA208 Align Execution & Strategy With Strategic Planning & Governance John-Michael Scott
    BA209 ALM: Connecting the Worlds of PPM and Application Development Ben Chamberlain
    BA210 SaaS for Project Today - Microsoft's Software + Services Play Scott Chapman
    BA211 Production optimization in order-based manufacturing industries – An offshore case about integrating Project Server and Dynamic Ax Hans Torsleff, Mads Suhr Nielsen
    BA212 Effective Program Management - Powered by Pcubed Delivery Hub Carl Dalby
    BA213 Seeing the Forest and the Trees: Finding Hidden Problems In Projects Kimberly Joyce
    BA214 Opening SharePoint to Project 2010 Eamonn McGuinness
    BA216 Dynamic “What If?” Resourcing – Capacity Planning and Forecasting for the Right Skills at the Right Time Greg Bailey
    BA218 Supporting your EVM (Earned Value Management) Needs with the Microsoft Project Platform Alban de Bergevin
    BA219 Products Ready for Project Server 2010 – Adding Value to an Unbeatable Platform Christophe Campana, Stefan Haffner
    BA220 Implementing a Worldwide Research-Focused EPM 2007 Solution Together with SharePoint Server 2007 in one of the Largest Healthcare Companies Matthias Jaeger
    BA221 Getting more Results by Getting Back to Basics: Using Microsoft Project / Server & SharePoint Best Practices to Achieve Results and Organizational Culture Change Tim Runcie
    BA222 The Future of Project and Portfolio Financial Management- Planning, budgeting, and tracking costs and benefits using the Financial Management Solution Project 2010 extension Mike Gruia, Ave Dadabhoy
    BA225 Create Effective Dashboard Views & Reports - Leverage Your EPM Toolbox Robert Happy, David Blair
    BA226 Covering the Extended Project Lifecycle by Integrating Project Server 2007 and MOSS with ERP Systems Christophe Campana, Stefan Haffner
    BA300 Initiative Demand Management with SharePoint and Seamless Integration with Portfolio and Project Server: case study ABB Italy - IT Services Claudia Tambone
    BA304 Learn How To Deploy the Innovation Process Management (IPM) Solution Kris Athey
    BA308 Capital Planning & Investment Control (CPIC) For Government Jon Hughes, Chris Samulski

    Deployment, Migration and Customization

    DM200 Project Server Programmability Overview Stephen Sanderlin
    DM201 Microsoft Enterprise Project Management 2010 Migration Jan Kalis, Treb Gatte, Bobby Burns
    DM300 Project Server 2007 Performance Testing and Capacity Planning Michael Jordan
    DM301 Introduction to SharePoint for Developers Andrew Connell
    DM302 SharePoint Planning and Governance Todd Klindt, Shane Young
    DM303 Best Practices: Consuming the PSI Stephen Sanderlin
    DM304 SharePoint and Project Server Co-Existence Christophe Fiessinger
    DM305 Project Server 2003 to Project Server 2007 Migration Best Practices Jean-Francois LeSaux
    DM306 Understanding Virtualization and Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 Jean-Francois LeSaux
    DM307 Cut the **** - How to Speedily and Successfully Implement Project Server Ben Howard
    DM308 Project 2010 - Programmability Chris Boyd
    DM309 Project Client Advanced Development Using VSTO Chris Boyd
    DM310 No Code: Custom Project Server Integration Without Custom Programming Chet (Carl) Farmer
    DM400 Project VBA: How and Why it can Make You a Project Guru! Rod Gill
    DM401 Building a PSI Wrapper for Application Integration Stephen Sanderlin
    DM402 Developing Custom Solutions in PWA Pat Malatack, Jesse Carnathan
    DM403 Project Server 2010 - Demand Management Workflow Deep Dive Sam Chung, Biatrice Ambrosa


    EX200 Real Stories from the Frontline: How Baxter Bioscience Successfully Planned, Piloted and Launched a Global EPM Implementation Dawn Robinson
    EX201 Hard Lessons: What Engineering Can Teach IT Carl Dalby
    EX202 PMO Setup or Refresh – Insights, Techniques, and Case Examples for Ensuring a Business Driven PMO and a Successful EPM Implementation Mark Price Perry
    EX203 Coca-Cola Bottling Co Consolidated uses PWA Tools to improve analysis of capitalized costs on projects Jason Carlisle, Mary Morabito
    EX204 Best Practices in Project Management Kathy Schwalbe
    EX206 Ensuring Implementation Success by Focusing on Culture and Readying the Organization for Change Scott Clausen, Betsy Guthric
    EX208 Apply an Antivirus to your EPM Adoption – a McAfee Case Study on EPM Organizational Adoption Success Strategies Bill Beattie, Oscar de Lucio
    EX209 Forrester - An Analyst Perspective on Business Value Margo Visitacion
    EX214 Increasing the Probability of Success for Your Project Using Deliverables Based Planning Glen Alleman
    EX300 MS Project Server Implemented for World's Largest "Big Bang" SAP Cutover Ed W. Rosenthal
    EX301 Implementing An Enterprise Wide Project and Resource Management Methodology Ira Brown, Chris Beck
    EX303 Strategic Portfolio and Resource Capacity Planning Using Simulation Keith Vadas
    EX400 One Version of the Truth Michelle Barnett

    Product Overview

    PO200 Time tracking and Statusing Overview Patrick Conlan, Alex Sourov
    PO201 Microsoft Business Intelligence Vision and Strategy Slides Bill Koehler
    PO202 EPM and SharePoint Better Together Tad Haas
    PO203 Resource Management with a dose of reality Miguel Morales
    PO204 Project 2010 Overview Keshav Puttaswamy
    PO205 Project Professional 2010 Overview Eric Zenz
    PO206 Project Professional 2010 – Project Planning and Scheduling Capabilities Bonny Lau, Peter de Vries
    PO207 Project Server 2010 - Better Reporting using Microsoft BI Capabilities Treb Gatte
    PO208 Project Server 2010 - Demand Management Pradeep GanapathyRaj
    PO209 Project Professional 2010 – Team Planning and Coordination Jon Kaufthal
    PO212 Techniques to Optimize the Schedule when Time is Short, Money is Tight, and Resources are Limited Cindy Lewis, John White
    PO213 Microsoft Project 2010 First Look - Tips and Tricks Essentials David Blair, Robert Happy
    PO301 Implementing EPM solution using Microsoft Project Server and PMI's methodologies Hagit Landman
    PO304 Project Desktop Reporting Heather O'Cull
    PO305 Application Lifecycle Management with Microsoft Project and Microsoft Team Foundation Server Patrick Conlan, Siddharth Bhatia
    PO306 Project Server 2010 - Reporting Deep Dive Treb Gatte, Shilpi Sinha
    PO307 Project Server 2010 - Timesheets and Task Management Improvements Patrick Conlan, Rohan Thakkar
    PO400 From Start to Finish: Effective Activity Sequencing Daniel Renier
    PO401 Enterprise Program Management – Providing the Tools to Manage an Entire Galaxy – Why Stop at a Single Star? Daniel Zitter

    System Administration

    SA200 Chalk Talk: Project 2007 Common Questions and Answers Adrian Jenkins, Soroush Salehian
    SA300 Chalk Talk: Project Server 2007 Performance Tuning Patrick Conlan, Michael Jordan
    SA301 Project Server 2007 Disaster Recovery Michael Jordan
    SA302 Deploying and Administering Project Server 2010 Adrian Jenkins
    SA303 Take control of your projects and programs with the new Project Server Report Pack T.R. Sloan, Bulent Guzel
    SA400 Anatomy of a health check of EPM environment Michael Jordan
    SA401 SharePoint (or Project) Admins: The Reluctant DBAs Todd Klindt, Shane Young

    Microsoft Project 2010 Webcast

    Date Title Speaker
    12/16/2009 Microsoft Office Project 2010 Overview Keshav Puttaswamy
    12/15/2009 Overview of Microsoft Project Server 2010 for IT Professionals Christophe Fiessinger
    12/17/2009 Project 2010 and Project Server 2010 Programmability Chris Boyd
    1/6/2010 Project Server 2010 Project and Portfolio Management Reporting Marc Soester
    1/19/2010 Microsoft Project 2010 Desktop: Tips and Tricks Jack Dahlgren
    1/25/2010 User-Controlled Scheduling in Microsoft Project 2010 Ben Howard
    1/27/2010 Microsoft Project 2010 Enhanced Project Management Tim Runcie
    2/18/2010 Project Professional 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010 Better Together Erik Ku
    2/23/2010 Resource Management in Microsoft Project 2010 Renke Holert
    2/26/2010 Microsoft Project 2010 Portfolio Analysis Hilde Corbu
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    Microsoft Project 2010 Ignite Training Slides

    We are very happy to announce the availability of the Microsoft Project 2010 Ignite beta training slides on Microsoft’s download site: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff358349(office.14).aspx

    The downloadable file contains the following eleven presentations that are used in the three-day training course delivered worldwide:

    • Project 2010 Ignite Introduction
    • Project 2010 Overview
    • Project 2010 Planning, Design, and Deployment
    • Project 2010 Upgrade and Migration
    • Project 2010 Demand Management
    • Project 2010 Portfolio Strategy
    • Project 2010 Timesheets and Statusing
    • Project 2010 Reporting
    • Project 2010 Administration
    • Project 2010 Operations
    • Project 2010 Developer

    Ignite agenda and registration: https://dynamicevents.emeetingsonline.com/emeetings/websitev2.asp?mmnno=327&pagename=SITE52841

    Key Microsoft Project 2010 Resources

    I am Project 2010 ready, are you?

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