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Updates on Microsoft's Enterprise Social Networking (ESN) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) offerings

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    Project 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2010 Integration

    <Update July 2010> Check out this recently released VM: Microsoft® Team Foundation Server® 2010 and Microsoft Project Server® 2010 Integration CTP Hyper-V Virtual Machine to learn about server to server integration </Update July 2010>

    Following the recent launch of Microsoft Project Professional/Standard and Project Server 2010 this week (along with Office, SharePoint and Visio) I wanted to provide a brief overview of Microsoft Project 2010 integration with Visual Studio Team System 2010 Team Foundation Server (TFS). First I recommend that you all read the 143 pages Microsoft Project Server 2010 Product Guide, it will give a great overview of what’s in 2010 (including this topic) and hence why you should consider it as your solution of choice for Project Portfolio Management.

    Basically two scenarios are supported with TFS 2010 and Microsoft Project 2010.

    First there is a “lightweight” scenario which enables a Project Manager to connect his/her plan to TFS using the desktop ribbon menu entitled “Team” (picture below) - a project manager can simply sync with Project Server 2010 to better connect the worlds of project and portfolio management and application development.

    Project and TFS Integration

    Additional information can be found on MSDN: Scheduling Tasks and Assigning Resources Using Microsoft Project

    Secondly the Project engineering team and the Visual Studio TFS team are working on an out of the box server to server integration (no need for a CodePlex solution to integrate both)- providing direct connectivity between Project Server 2010 and Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010. Expect more information on this topic in the future.


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    Microsoft Project Server 2010 RTM Demo Virtual Machine is Ready for Download

    Update 5/11, content pack is now live: Microsoft Project 2010 Demonstration and Evaluation Installation Pack + full announcement from Jan: ANNOUNCING: Microsoft Project 2010 Demonstration and Evaluation Installation Pack for RTM is HERE!

    Microsoft Project 2010 Content Pack

    Just got published this morning thanks to CJ’s hard work (SharePoint 2010 Demo and Eval VM (RTM edition)). In his words:

    Because we have moved to Windows server 2008 R2 … there are some gotchas with evaluation periods etc… so you MUST read the last section of the setup guide for details on how to deal with those.

    Please note that the Microsoft Project 2010 Demonstration and Evaluation Installation Pack that will contain all the Project Server PWA/data will be released next week. The content pack will work with this image only hence you need to get this image first and wait a few days for your favorite demo script (we will not ship a separate Project 2010 demo VM but instead a content pack that works with the SharePoint demo image).

    Ben Chamberlain and Jan Kalis will do a webcast of this new Project 2010 RTM demo image on Tuesday May 11th from 1 to 2 pm PST so DO NOT MISS it: Upcoming Webcast: Project 2010 Virtual Image, Getting Started Quickly

    Start your downloads now!

    Microsoft Project 2010 Demo VM Microsoft Project 2010 Demo VM

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    How to Upgrade from Project Server 2007 To Project Server 2010 in 10min

    Prepping for my TechEd presentations in less than two weeks (Microsoft Project Presence at Tech.Ed North America 2010), I worked on a presentation to demo how easy it is to upgrade from Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 to Microsoft Project Server 2010 (come to Rolly and I’s session entitled Deploying and Upgrading to Microsoft Project Server 2010. I used the five sample databases (yes five: one SharePoint content, and four PWA instance databases) that we built for our core EPM 2007 demo virtual machine (VM) (about 550MB of bak files). I backed up all five dbs from my 2007 farm/demo VM and created an ISO with the five databases and two magic scripts (one to restore the dbs in T-SQL and one PowerShell script to upgrade the databases (basically two commands: Mount-SPContentDatabase and New-SPProjectWebInstance), ready to mount to my new 2010 demo VM.

    And guess what… on my demo laptop (yes with 8GB RAM, 4 cores, and dual SSD), I had the Project Server 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010 demo virtual machine up and running; in 10min my PWA 2007 instance got upgraded to 2010!!! Yes you heard me, barely enough time for a coffee. Want a live demo come to New Orleans and see it yourself!

    More seriously used the RESTORE DATABASE T-SQL command which took 30s; then ran the following two PowerShell commands (content db upgrade took about 2min, and rest to upgrade Project Server 2007 four dbs and provision PWA):

    Mount-SPContentDatabase -Name Litware_Content -WebApplication Project

    New-SPProjectWebInstance -Url -AdminAccount "CONTOSO\Administrator" -PrimaryDbserver "DEMO2010A" -PublishedDbname "Litware_Published" -ArchiveDbname "Litware_Archive" -DraftDbname "Litware_Draft" -ReportingDbserver "DEMO2010A" -ReportingDbname "Litware_Reporting"

    As usual a lot more detailed information on TechNet to conduct an upgrade or migration: Upgrade and Migration for Project Server 2010 (this article in particular: Database-attach full upgrade to Project Server 2010). Yes there is a lot more process/training/customization etc… to upgrade to 2010 but at least on the data front its super easy!

    See the upgrade site below (notice the dashboard quick links from the EPM 2007 PPM demo VM). Happy upgrade!

    Project Server 2007 Upgrade

    Project Server 2010 Dashboard

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    Microsoft Project and Project Server 2010 End User/Help Documentation

    Following the virtual launch on May 12th of Project 2010 and thanks to Toney and Sonia from the Office Content Publishing team hard work please find below a recap of content available today to help  use Project and Project Server 2010.

    In their words: “We will continue adding videos to the Help content, and will be adding new Help topics. We welcome feedback on our Help content, and would love to read your comments and suggestions! Simply click one of the answers to the question at the bottom of any Help article (“Did this article help you?”). You can then provide additional information about your experience with the Help content. Our writing team reviews this feedback regularly, and uses it to update existing content, or plan for future content.”

    Project Server 2010

    Currently, end user documentation for Project Web App can be found on the Project Server 2010 Help and How-To page on, and includes:

    Project client 2010

    Currently, end user documentation for Project 2010 client can be found on the Project 2010 Help and How To page on, and includes:

    Future plans include:      

    • Videos. We will continue adding videos to the Help content, and will be adding new Help topics relating to every area in Project 2010.
    • Project Roadmap. This article presents our scenario-based approach to Project documentation. It maps our Getting Started and Overview topics with project management methodology.
    • Training videos. A video series on getting started with Project.
    • Book acquisitions. We will post excerpts from Gary Chefetz’s books on Project 2010.
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    Microsoft Project Server 2010 Download is Live on MSDN/TechNet

    Live as of today (May 3rd, 2010), so get those download going and start deploying Project Server 2010!

    As announced last Friday Project Server 2010 is also live on Microsoft Volume Licensing: Standard and Project Server 2010 are ready for download on MSFT Volume Licensing

    Other key products that went live on MSDN and TechNet as well today: FAST Search Server 2010, Groove Server 2010, Search Server 2010, and SQL Server 2008 R2.

    Join us at to see how Project Server 2010, built on SharePoint 2010, offers flexibility and choice by providing tailored work management solutions for individuals, teams, and the enterprise. See on-demand sessions led by customers, partners and Microsoft product teams, and participate in live Q&As and blogs.

    Microsoft Project 2010

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    Latest Microsoft Project Server 2010 Case Studies – Great Stories!

    Now that we have launched this week, plenty of Microsoft Project 2010 and Project Server 2010 customer evidence/ case studies has been released on, check these out below, and more importantly go to:, expect a lot more in the future!

    Microsoft Project Customer Success

    Amdocs, a global provider of customer experience systems, wanted to help its IT teams work more efficiently. Project management was particularly challenging because teams worked in multiple locations and used different software development models. To improve workflow, Amdocs is standardizing its application life-cycle management processes with Microsoft Project Server 2010. It is also integrating the solution with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Foundation Server and Exchange Server 2007. IT administrators benefit from deployment that is more than 50 percent faster, and Amdocs expects to cut costs by streamlining project management. Employees have Web-based access from almost any location and work more easily with a familiar interface. Managers now have better project visibility, and the company can extend the centralized solution to include more users and applications.

    Microsoft Human Resources, which supports the 93,000 employees of the global software company, wanted to make better strategic decisions about its portfolio of projects. As Human Resources developed new portfolio management processes, it worked with a prerelease version of Microsoft Project Server 2010, tailoring the software to fit the business processes of its five Human Resources Centers of Excellence. Human Resources has used Project Server 2010 to improve the ways it collects information on projects and how it reports that information to executives. These improvements have helped leadership make better decisions and pare the portfolio from 200 to 25 projects. The result is higher-quality projects and smoother scheduling, with improvements in transparency, accountability, and collaboration.

    Marquette University—a large Jesuit university in Milwaukee, Wisconsin—wanted to expand its project management practices. Although Marquette successfully managed projects inside and outside the IT department, it wanted to better track and prioritize potential projects and improve its resource management. Marquette implemented Microsoft Project Professional 2010 and Microsoft Project Server 2010, which the university uses to maintain an integrated database of potential and existing projects and to prioritize projects based on business rules. With the solution, the university has improved its resource management, and it uses dashboards to communicate business intelligence to internal customers and senior management. Demand for project management services across the university is increasing due to the effectiveness of its project management processes and tools.

    The Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation was facing challenges in planning, tracking and documenting the multiple treaties they manage. Turning to the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft Project 2010 betas, the software has streamlined projects and given better insight into the treaty development process. This has allowed their staff to think more strategically, has helped to locate negative cost drivers and for them to avoid legal risk in developing the treaties.

    Quebec based GP3 is taking advantage of a range of Microsoft products including Microsoft Project 2010, Microsoft Visio 2010 and Microsoft Office 2010 to help streamline internal processes and service clients more efficiently. Utilizing these solutions, GP3 has created an easier way for employees to input and track time, edit and input videos directly into sales presentations and manage all steps of projects from tracking to creating proposals.

    Long standing Microsoft partner Agora, recognizes the advantages for companies wanting to implement Microsoft Project 2010. Excitement is building around the launch and Agora feels its customers are looking at Project 2010 and SharePoint 2010 as something they absolutely need for their businesses. With the new version businesses can expect a much more intuitive and integrated solution and will benefit from increased productivity.

    Nintex sails through waters that some might consider too difficult to navigate; the company builds products that extend and enhance the functionality of Microsoft SharePoint Server. How does it know where it has room to innovate, and where Microsoft plans to enhance the product on its own? How does it gain the time to develop feature-rich products and have them ready for release on Microsoft’s own product launch schedules? By participating in Microsoft partner programs, Nintex gained access to beta code and product road map direction for SharePoint Server 2010 more than a year before its release, enabling the company to create its own Nintex Workflow 2010. The product extends SharePoint Server with reusable workflows, support for connectivity services, and more, all accessible from the familiar Microsoft Office Fluent user interface."project%20server"&LangID=46

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    Get your copy of Planning, Deploying and Managing Microsoft Project Server 2010 at TechEd

    As mentioned in this post Microsoft Project Presence at Tech.Ed North America 2010,  I am very happy to announce that we will be giving away 300 copies of Rolly Perreaux, PMP, MVP, MCSE, MCT Planning, Deploying and Managing Microsoft Project Server 2010 at TechEd, yes a FREE book signed by its author at TechEd compliments on the Microsoft Project team!

    Abstract: This book is intended for Administrators, Systems Engineers, PMO Managers, Project Managers, Consultants and other people responsible for the deployment and management of a Microsoft EPM Solution using Project Server 2010 in medium to very large computing environments that use the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 operating system.

    Front Cover - PRS10-PDM - TechEd Edition
    • Module 1: Planning to Deploy Project Server 2010
    • Module 2: Installing and Configuring Prerequisites
    • Module 3: Deploying and Configuring SharePoint Server 2010
    • Module 4: Deploying and Configuring Project Server 2010
    • Module 5: Configuring Project Server Clients
    • Module 6: Defining Project Server Settings
    • Module 7: Managing Project Server Security
    • Module 8: Managing Time and Task Management Settings
    • Module 9: Customizing Project Workspaces
    • Module 10: Administrating Project Server Tasks
    • Module 11: Configuring Demand Management and Portfolio Analysis
    • Module 12: Configuring Project Server Business Intelligence
    • Module 13: Backing up and Restoring Project Server 2010
    • Module 14: Upgrading and Migrating to Project Server 2010

    Yes more Project and Project Server 2010 books are in the pipe from multiple Project experts, stay tune for more posts once they are released.

    Microsoft Project Team

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    Microsoft Project Newsgroups transition to Forums

    As announced today we will be transitioning newsgroups to forums in the coming months:

    Starting in early summer 2010, Microsoft will begin progressively closing down the Microsoft public newsgroups to enrich conversations in the rapidly-growing forum platform.  This decision is in response to worldwide market trends and evolving customer needs.
    Microsoft continues to invest in forums to reduce customer effort, consolidate community venues and make it easier for active contributors to retain their influence. Forums provide a healthy community environment with less spam and make answers easier to find by customers and search engines.  Additionally, forums offer a better user and off-topic management platform that will improve customer satisfaction by facilitating discussions in a clean space. 
    We understand that some newsgroups are still active, and important to the community.  In the coming days and weeks, we will be rolling out tools and resources to minimize disruption to the community discussions.
    We are working diligently on providing additional resources and information in local languages later this week.  In the meantime, please refer to the official Microsoft Newsgroup website concerning this issue.  The Microsoft Newsgroup website will be made available in additional languages in the next few days.

    For instance the following Microsoft Project English Newsgroups will map to the following Forums (please note the forum titles will be updated to be version agnostic).

    Project Newsgroup Project Forum
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    Microsoft Project 2010 Ignite Online Recordings Are Live!

    We are very happy to announce that along with the virtual launch of Microsoft Project 2010 today, the recordings of the Microsoft Project 2010 Ignite went live today: Following the worldwide delivery of Ignite to about 900 attendees in 9 cities, Jan Kalis and myself recorded the event at Microsoft Studio last April. Topics discussed in this series are listed below; there is a total of 8.5 hours of valuable recording available at your fingertip that you should all watch (5.5 hours of presentation and 3 hours of product demonstrations). 

    Each module is conveniently delivered using a Silverlight player as shown below, that gives you the ability to view the presenter and the slides as the same time as well as give you a chapter breakdown and full transcription of presentation.

    Please note that the primary goal of the Ignite content was to enable technical readiness prior to launch, focusing specifically on what’s new with respect to EPM 2007, hence we highly encourage you invest in training for a successful implementation of this exciting release of Microsoft Project 2010. Last but not least please remember that there plenty of other Project 2010 resources as listed below that went live today with the launch.

    Module Name Presentation (mm:ss) Demo (mm:ss)
    Introduction 12:51 00:00
    Planning, Design, and Deployment 40:01 05:14
    Upgrade & Migration 30:31 11:04
    Demand Management 35:22 24:29
    Portfolio Strategy 34:30 25:55
    Timesheet & Statusing 30:02 19:39
    Reporting Part 1 27:25 26:21
    Reporting Part 2 09:50 29:58
    Administration 26:12 14:21
    Operations 22:51 20:27
    Development/Extensibility 21:59 06:12
    Conclusion 35:31 00:00

    Product information
    Main product site:
    - Project Team Blog:
    Interactive content - Videos & Sessions & Webcasts
    - Project Professional 2010 and Project Server 2010 Demo Image:
    - Hosted Virtual Lab:
    Additional questions? Project 2010 Forums!
    IT Professional related
    - TechCenter @ TechNet:
    - Admin Blog: Developer related
    Developer center @ MSDN:
    - Programmability blog: SharePoint 2010
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    Microsoft Project Presence at Tech.Ed North America 2010

    Please find below a summary of the Microsoft Project presence at the upcoming Microsoft tech.ed North America 2010 in New Orleans, June 7-10, 2010. Following the launch of Project 2010 two weeks ago this will be the first public event with the 2010 RTM version, so it will be an exciting event with great content, and presence. Plan to attend and see Project 2010 in action (point your manager to this page: Convince your boss)!

    See you in two weeks in New Orleans!

    Breakout & Interactive Sessions:

    Title/Date Description Speaker
    OSP209 | Microsoft Project and Project Server 2010 Overview
    Monday, June 7 I 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM
    This session provides an overview of the key investment areas and capabilities of Project Server 2010 and Project Professional 2010, including demand management, portfolio analysis, time tracking, business intelligence/reporting, and other better together capabilities, by being built of top of SharePoint 2010 Enterprise features. Christophe Fiessinger, Jan Kalis
    OSP303 | Deploying and Upgrading to Microsoft Project Server 2010
    Tuesday, June 8 I 3:15 PM - 4:30 PM
    This session provides an overview on how to deploy a Project Server 2010 Farm. Specific topics discussed includes upgrading and migrating from prior version (2007 and 2003), how to architect and configure Project Server within the context of a SharePoint Server 2010 Farm, capacity planning, and more. Christophe Fiessinger, Rolly Perreaux, MVP
    BIO10-INT | Light Up Your Project and Portfolio Management with Powerful Dashboards
    Tuesday, June 8 I 5:00 PM - 6:15 PM
    This session demonstrates how to build dashboards that span from individual project managers to company executives that show project and portfolio status and details in rich and interactive way to guide in the decision-making process. The session focuses on Microsoft products and solutions reaching from individual project management products to company-wide solutions. We demonstrate use of Microsoft Project Professional 2010, Microsoft Project Server 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 - especially its rich Business Intelligence tools (including Excel Services, PerformancePoint Services and Visio Services) to achieve the above declared goal. Jan Kalis
    OSP11-INT | Microsoft Project 2010 Frequently Asked Questions
    Thursday, June 10 3:15 PM - 4:30 PM
    In this interactive session, come to hear answers to Microsoft Project and Project Server 2010 frequently asked questions from customers and partners. Specific areas of coverage include the four key investments of Microsoft Project 2010: Unified Project and Portfolio Management, Simple and Intuitive User Experience, Enhanced Collaboration and Reporting, Scalable and Connected Platform. We’ll keep the session open for discussion, walk through some demos and discuss any IT Professional related topic. Christophe Fiessinger, Jan Kalis
    OSP03-INT | Customizing Microsoft Project 2010
    Thursday, June 10  |  5:00 PM - 6:15 PM
    This session provides an overview of the new customization/extensibility capabilities of Microsoft Project 2010. Using real examples, we demonstrate how to develop a custom project initiation process, to extend Project Web Access, and much more! Jan Kalis

    Project Demo Station - Staffed by three experts from the product group: Bobby Burns, Jeff Wall, KC Vootkuri Krishna as well as MVP and your favorite Technical Product Managers. Great giveaways with 16GB Project Server 2010 USB key and cool looking Project Server 2010 shirts!

    Book Signing 300 copies of the very first Project Server 2010 book entitled Planning, Deploying and Managing Microsoft® Project Server® 2010 will be given away and signed by the author himself: Rolly Perreaux, PMP, MVP, MCSE, MCT; abstract: This book is intended for Administrators, Systems Engineers, PMO Managers, Project Managers, Consultants and other people responsible for the deployment and management of a Microsoft EPM Solution using Project Server 2010 in medium to very large computing environments that use the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 operating system.

    Microsoft tech.ed 2010

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