November, 2010

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Updates on Microsoft's Enterprise Social Networking (ESN) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) offerings

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    Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre Project 2010 en español!

    Thanks to Vicente Rubio Peinado I’m very happy to announce the release of this easy to read, and easy to carry book about Project 2010: Guía Práctica Microsoft Project 2010

    Guía Práctica Microsoft Project 2010

    Índice de contenidos:

    • Instalación del programa.
    • Primeros pasos.
    • Planificación de un proyecto.
    • Gestión de recursos.
    • Búsqueda de información.
    • Gestión de costos.
    • Seguimiento del proyecto.
    • Impresión de información.
    • Diagrama de red.
    • Configuración y personalización.
    • Funciones avanzadas.

    It’s great to see an active, vibrant and digital Spanish speaking Microsoft Project community.

    Key links below to get engaged and learn both Project and Spanish are the same time (Últimas noticias, Información de eventos, Webcast, Trucos, Foros de debate, Videos, Contenidos en español..) !

    Únete a la Comunidad de Project 2010 – Todo sobre Microsoft Project

    Gracias Vicente!

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    Release 3.0 of TrackTimesheet for Microsoft Project Server 2010

    Following this post over a year ago: Microsoft Project Server 2007: Time Tracking Solutions I’m happy to announced that Solvin has recently released an updated version of their TrackTimesheet for Project Server 2010, similar to other recently released partner solution; its great to see that their latest product is leveraging the latest Project Server and SharePoint 2010 technology and functionality product stack (for instance having a dedicated ribbon in their UI). A great solution for customers that require advance timesheet capabilities (Check out their site for additional information:

    TrackTimesheet for Microsoft Project Server

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    Getting started with business intelligence in SharePoint Server 2010

    It’s all about Business Intelligence and reporting! I’m sure you all agree, check out this recently released set of diagrams that will explains the options available with SharePoint 2010 to extract and surface your Project Portfolio Management diamonds, rubies and nuggets…

    As a reminder check out the Business Intelligence in Project Server 2010 for specific BI information related to your favorite PPM solution!

    Business Intelligence in SharePoint Server 2010

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    Must Buy Book: Professional Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio 2010

    A few months ago I purchased this book:  Professional Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio 2010 to learn more about Visual Studio 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2010 in order to get a good understanding of the upcoming TFS and PS integration feature pack, and I finally finished reading the book, and must say it’s a great read if you are not familiar with VS nor TFS 2010. I had not read a book about VS since a long time and really enjoyed this book; the writing style and obviously the expertise and professionalism of the writers in particular Brian Keller (a familiar name in the TFS world!) made it a great read. I learned a lot about VS and TFS and how the 2010 release addresses the typically software development lifecycle customers and partners faces everyday. It ‘s great to see major improvement in productivity in this latest VS release. If you develop .NET software and are not using this latest VS stack from you are missing out big time! The only chapter missing in the book is one one the TFS and Project Server Integration Feature pack, but can’t blame the authors since it has not shipping yet! (stay tune for more info. on that topic soon, in the meantime check this:

    Professional Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio 2010

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    Tech.Ed Europe 2010 Online Project Server 2010 Sessions

    Exciting to announce the availability of the two Microsoft Project Server 2010 sessions we delivered at Tech.Ed Europe in Berlin this week (recordings and PowerPoint decks) are available online free of charge! Please note the interactive session are not available online, additionally there are plenty more content for SharePoint 2010: and ALL TEE10 videos are here: Happy learning!

    Don’t forget to vote (click on stars underneath the title)Thumbs up

    OFS224 - Project 2010 Demo, Demo, Demo - Overview for IT Professionals and Developers - Christophe Fiessinger, Jan Kalis
    Built on SharePoint 2010, Microsoft's Enterprise Project Management 2010 solution comprises Microsoft Project Professional and Project Server 2010, and helps organizations select and deliver the right projects, reduce costs, drive efficiencies and ultimately, plant the seeds to grow the business.
    This session provides an overview of the key investment areas and capabilities of Project Server 2010 and Project Professional 2010, including demand management, portfolio analysis, core project management, time tracking, and business intelligence/reporting. Lots of live demos!

    OFS201 - Application Lifecycle Management - Microsoft Project 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2010, Better Together - Aaron Bjork, Christophe Fiessinger

    Integrating Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) processes helps to improve visibility across the entire application development lifecycle, empowering project managers and developers to follow their own methodologies yet be connected seamlessly with each other.  In this session, we provide an overview of the recently released Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010 and Project Server 2010 Integration Community Technology Preview (CTP) Virtual Machine. This virtual machine provides an overview of the integration of Team Foundation Sever 2010 and Project Server 2010.
    We explain and demonstrate the four scenarios highlighted in this virtual machine that provides: Up-to-date project status and resource availability across agile and formal teams; lets Project managers track high-level requirements, while team leaders manage the details; enables Project managers to work in Project Server, which supports their workflow, while team leaders work in TFS, which supports theirs.
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    Microsoft Project 2010 Kinect Edition: You Are the Controller!

    I’m super excited to announce Microsoft Project 2010 Kinect Edition: You Are the Controller! Microsoft continues to be an industry leader in project management  software with this revolutionary new approach to Project Management. Microsoft Project 2010 Kinect Edition enables you to interact with your plan using you body, the wave of your hands and your voice. For instance simply built your schedule by waving your hands left and right; leverage the powerful resource planner view and perform resource allocation with a few gestures and voice orders. Project Portfolio Management will never be the same thanks to Microsoft Project 2010 Kinect Edition!

    Customer feedback:

    • “Microsoft nails it again! – being able to make strategic portfolio decision in front of the board members with my hands and voice made me a rocks star” Jan Kotas, CIO, Contoso Corp
    • “Planning is so much fun now and I get to work out at the same time, AGILE will never be the same – THANK YOU Microsoft I’m now so much more productive and happy“ Steve Master, PMP, President Litware PMO
    • “Being able to plan our next family vacation in the living room with my husband and kids was an awesome bounding experience” Jessica Arnold, Bellevue WA

    For more information check out:

    Microsoft Project 2010 Kinect Edition Microsoft Project 2010 Kinect Edition

    PS: Yes it’s November 5th, 2010, but surely feels like April 1st…

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    Introducing the UMT Project Financial Server 2010

    Another awesome partner solutions UMT Project Financial Server 2010 built on the recently released Microsoft Project Server 2010, in their (Ben Chamberlain’s) own words: “The UMT Project Financial Server 2010 extends Microsoft Project Server 2010 to provide organizations with comprehensive cost and benefit management capabilities across the project life cycle.”

    UMT UMT Project Financial Server 2010

    I saw a recent demo beside the great capabilities I was impressed how it was seamlessly integrated with the familiar PWA interface, great job UMT!

    Don’t be shy and check out all the content available today on their site: webcast, brochure, datasheet, demo pack, demo scripts, etc…

    UMT Project Financial Server 2010 UMT Project Financial Server 2010
    UMT Project Financial Server 2010 UMT Project Financial Server 2010
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