May, 2013

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Updates on Microsoft's Enterprise Social Networking (ESN) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) offerings

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    The Rise of Enterprise Social Networks by @markfidelman

    The following white paper was released this week and available for download from Microsoft: The Rise of Enterprise Social Networks. This 26 pages whitepaper from Mark Fidelman is a good read to help you help understand the business value of Enterprise Social and how to get started :

    Social technologies, combined with data analysis and mobile technologies are significantly enhancing an organization’s ability to be responsive to market changes and will enable employees to work on the tasks that most benefit the company at any given point in time. In the near future, companies utilizing enterprise social software will be able to spot trends, provide information to thier employees in context, and leverage the wisdom of the organization to rapidly complete tasks and surface previously hidden pockets of valuable information.

    Chapter summary:

    • Welcome to the Enterprise Social Revolution
    • You Need a Digital Village
    • The Evolution of Enterprise Collaboration
    • The Business Value of Enterprise Social
    • The Four Building Blocks for a Successful ESN Building
    • Mapping the Strategy for the Rest of the Business
    • Success initiatives for enterprise social companies
    • Why Microsoft is Best Positioned in the Space
    • Tying it all together
    • Action items & Questions to ask your organization

    The Rise of Enteprise Social Networks

    I have also read this book from Mark Fidelman which I also recommend: Socialized! How the Most Successful Businesses Harness the Power of Social (Social Century Series).

    Happy reading!

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    Practice 39 languages at work thanks to Yammer & Microsoft Translator!


    Yammer message translation is now live on a network near you! Following this announcement last February: Yammer Announces Message Translation to Ignite Multilingual Collaboration, It’s exciting to see the functionality live as shown below on one of my network from my second favorite company after Microsoft: Contoso (a little bit of French, Greek, Japanese, Italian and Spanish below).

    It only required one check box to enable it on my Enterprise network and voila! 39 news ways to engage, collaborate and innovate thanks to Yammer and Microsoft! Guess what there is so much more innovation to come it’s hard to stay quiet….

    Yammer Message Translation

    Yammer Message Translation

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    Enterprise Social & Yammer presence at both TechEd North America & Europe 2013

    Please find below the two Enterprise Social/Yammer/SharePoint sessions that will be delivered at both TechEd North America in New Orleans, June 3-6, and at TechEd Europe in Madrid in June 25-28. Yes we will also have a Yammer/Social booth staffed by Yammer & Microsoft experts so don’t be shy and please swing by to ask all your enterprise social questions!

    • SES-B206 - Overview of Enterprise Social from Microsoft – speakers: Dave Cohen & Christophe Fiessinger
      Enterprise Social is enabling organizations to transform their businesses, to harnesses the power of their most valuable asset, their people, by connecting employees, partners, and customers. Microsoft has made significant investments in Enterprise Social in Office 365, SharePoint 2013 and with the acquisition of Yammer. In this session we cover our vision and roadmap for this transformative technology, in addition to highlighting the significant opportunity for business value using case studies and demonstrations. 
    • SES-B207 - Enterprise Social Network Scared Straight: Learn By Doing – speakers: Allison Michels & Steve Nguyen 
      Companies of all shapes and sizes are still trying to make sense of enterprise social networking. Regardless of where you're at in your journey, there will be pitfalls along the way. Steve and Allison have been through the trenches as former customers embarking upon this space. Come for an interactive demonstration and hear about their experiences as customers and how they are now working with Microsoft customers to transform the way people work.


    TechEd North America 2013 TechEd Europe 2013
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    Project 2013: Guide pratique pour les chefs de projet

    Félicitation a Vincent Capitaine pour ce nouveau livre sur Microsoft Project 2013: Project 2013 – Guide pratique pour les chefs de projet » désormais disponible ! J’aime beaucoup ce format compact qui couvre l’essentiel des fonctionnalités en 130 pages avec des captures d’écrans à l’appui.

    Je vous souhaite une très bonne gestion de projet avec Microsoft Project 2013 !

    Microsoft Project 2013 

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