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October, 2004

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    Fargo, North Dakota: I have arrived!

    I left Melbourne on the 10th and spent a week in Chicago and New York before arriving in Fargo on the 17th. The time in Chicago and New York was great. The buildings in Chicago were much bigger than I had anticipated and the subway in New York (I had...
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    MBF: Will we see you before 2007?

    A recent article from eWeek has quoted Microsoft Developer Division Executive Soma Somasegar about timelines related to Longhorn . MBF got a mention as well: Somasegar also acknowledged that the MBF (Microsoft Business Framework), which is tied to WinFS...
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    Spring has arrived!

    In the land down-under, it is springtime. The birds are chirping louder, the days are getting longer, and the sun is getting hotter. I even got sunburnt playing soccer on Sunday :). And for .Net developers Spring in another form has arrived in joyous...
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