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  • Blog Post: Conceptual Thinking Around Services: Which representation is the 'right' one?

    I have been doing a lot of work with Indigo and Service Orientation recently. I've been keeping quiet partly because Indigo was just about to have its big party , but mostly just because I've been busy. Like any programming language or development style, I like to think of a service oriented style...
  • Blog Post: Jon Eaves: Infotainment

    I love geek humor, and Jon Eaves spits it out on a daily basis. Check out his latest contribution to world of patterns; Bulimic Domain Model .
  • Blog Post: Spring has arrived!

    In the land down-under, it is springtime. The birds are chirping louder, the days are getting longer, and the sun is getting hotter. I even got sunburnt playing soccer on Sunday :). And for .Net developers Spring in another form has arrived in joyous splendor... Spring.Net 0.6 RC1 has been released ...
  • Blog Post: MBF and WinFS: A view of the world I am entering

    Tim Brookins is an Architect on the MBF team (and he is based in Fargo). When I got impatient waiting for a reply about the position in the MBF team , an email to Tim was the thing that sparked it all off ;). I just read a post from Tim (two days old) that explains the tie between MBF and WinFS and answers...
  • Blog Post: MDNUG: DotNetNuke on the 28th of September

    The next MDNUG (Melbourne Microsoft Developer Group) meeting will be on the 28th of September. Frank Arrigo just posted a good summary: Microsoft joins forces with local user groups and brings you the DotNetNuke Development Team ( Scott McCulloch and Phil Beadle ). Don't miss this introduction to DotNetNuke...
  • Blog Post: Dependency Injection: World changing concept or nothing special?

    That was the question that I got asked about a month ago. My response was "something in the middle". I like Dependency Injection . It facilitates testing, it facilitates change, and it facilitates clean design. I have been thinking about container assisted dependency injection lately and have been playing...
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