Well, this is my first post here -- wonder if I'll get bored of it or what will happen :)

anyway, Mike Hall and I put together a little video that shows the consruction of a lightweight NAS (Network Attached Storage) device running WindowsCE 5.0.  You'll see a few technologies that we've added -- the biggest is our CIFS/SMB server.  this is the server component that is used when you access a file/print share with \\server\share.  Our server doesnt include many of the features that are included in WindowsXP or 2003 server but does have most of what you'll want.  Most notibly we dont include DFS (distributed file system), ACL's on a per-file basis, our filesystem is limited to 120GB, and the max file size we can support is 4GB. 

In addition to the file server you'll see a nifty little UI that we built -- the idea is that without much effort a 3'ed party can tweak our our UI (for branding etc).  You can modify the toolbars, pages -- really anything.  I hope to do either a little video or a whitepaper that describes more about this.

You can check out our video on MSDN's Channel9 at http://channel9.msdn.com/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=15298 -- please feel free to post comments here if you want features or something